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Epiphan DVI2PCIe Frame Grabber Review Epiphan DVI2PCIe
[11/25/12 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

Test labs like ours often need devices that would allow high-quality screen grabs and videos to be taken off external sources, such as computers, consoles, tablets and other equipment. We found a solution that suits our need perfectly – special devices from Epiphan. Today we are going to tell you about our preference’s cons and pros in a detailed review.

Decisions of the "00s": Will the Past Define the Future?
[12/30/11 | by Anton Shilov]

There are revolutionary products that reshape the information technology industry and the lives. But before ground-breaking products emerge, world-shattering decisions are made, or maybe certain decisions themselves change the market so drastically that they become revolutions themselves. In this article we are taking a look on decisions of the recent decade that changed personal computing industry almost completely.

Black Friday 2011: One-Day Price-Drops Set Future Trends
[11/24/11 | by X-bit labs team]

The Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are ideal days to get desired goods at low prices if you are lucky enough. In this article we are going to explore price drops on today's most popular items - such as tablets, SSDs, game consoles, HDDs, stereo-3D players and HDTVs, notebooks and more. Let's check out "doorbusters" as well as massively discounted items and will try to guess, which of those devices have chances to lose their general pricing in the following months.

IDF 2011: You Will Love Your PC!
[09/14/11 | by Anna Filatova]

Today we are going to talk about what people want their computers to be capable of. Is it just a productivity device or something bigger than that? GM of Intel’s PC Client Group, Mooly Eden, is going to talk about it and reveal a few new impressive technologies alongside with a sneak peak of the up and running Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks and even a Haswell based system.

IDF 2011: Fundamental Tranformations
[09/13/11 | by Anna Filatova]

Today at IDF Intel announced the beginning of fundamental transformations era that is bringing with it a lot of new technologies and concepts. Ultrabooks, next-generation Haswell platform, fundamentally new anti-malware protection on the kernel level, Intel and Google collaboration in the smart-phone segment, and more!

Rahul Sood: Computing Devices of the New Era Need a Soul
[09/05/11 | by Anton Shilov]

HP's plan to spin off its personal systems group caught everyone by surprise and results of such a move are hard to overestimate. Today we are talking to Rahul Sood, a co-founder of the legendary VoodooPC boutique PC maker and a former employee of HP. We will discuss Voodoo, HP in the past and now as well as the personal computer industry in general.

Personal Computers of 2011: Eleven Predictions
[01/02/11 | by Anton Shilov]

The year 2011 is most likely to be a defining year of the personal technology industry. X-bit labs believes that in 2011 the war between ARM and x86 will officially start, the market of tablet PCs will skyrocket, Google Android will become the most popular operating system for smartphones and overclocking stereo-3D will become a "free" feature on premium HDTVs. In addition, the beginning of the APU era will blur the lines between netbooks and notebooks, whereas Intel's Sandy Bridge will change the approach to CPU overclocking forever.

2010 Year in Review: The Events That Made History
[12/29/10 | by Anton Shilov]

The year 2010 was hardly full of market-changing revolutions and revelations, but the local revolutions were very exciting. As the year is about to end, we are taking a look back on the news-stories that you read most this year and try to determine the events, companies and consequences that formed the year 2010.

Breakthroughs of the Decade: Products and Technologies That Changed the World
[12/25/10 | by Anton Shilov]

Every day thousands of electronics products born and vanish into oblivion. Some devices and technologies capture a significant market share, some just become one of the many. But there are devices that we call "breakthroughs", those, who not only play a significant role on the market, but which become inflection points for the high-tech consumer industry at large. Today we are taking a look that the digital products that impacted the lives in the last ten years.

Black Friday 2010: One Day Deals or Trend-Setting Price Drops?
[11/23/10 | by X-bit labs team]

It is not a secret that it is possible to acquire various electronics at huge discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. What is not common is to find a compelling deal on electronics that is trendy, popular and pretty expensive on regular days. In this article we will try to explore the most interesting deals from large store chains and try to guess whether those discounts are just "doorbusters" or have chances to become regular in the next few months.

The Day After Tomorrow: Personal Computers in 2020
[09/30/10 | by Anton Shilov]

Personal computers of today as well as usage models of PCs differ radically from systems and user experience that we used back ten years ago. But what will happen with personal computers in another ten years? Let us try to guess! UPDATE: Added comments from Jon Peddie of the Jon Peddie Research

Personal Computers of 2010: Ten Predictions
[01/03/10 | by Anton Shilov]

The evolution of technology in 2010 will bring rather revolutionary changes that are likely to significantly transform the whole market. X-bit labs believes that in 2010 electronic books will get much more popular, quad-core microprocessors will become mainstream, DVD format will virtually die, 64-bit applications will cease to be exotic and we also expect revolutions in gaming, input technologies and other high-tech spheres.

2/2 of 2009: Top News for the Second Half of the Year
[12/30/09 | by Anton Shilov]

The second half of the year 2009 is over. While the first half was rather remarkable, the second truly appeared to be stunning: many important events happened and many more were predicted to happen. Today we are taking a look on the top ten news-stories that you, our visitors, considered to be the most exciting and valuable among those we published in the second half of 2009.

Not Survived: Failed Technologies of the Decade
[12/29/09 | by Anton Shilov]

The high-tech evolves at unbelievable pace. What seemed to be innovative and forward looking yesterday becomes outdated and obsolete today. In this editorial we are taking a look at technologies and product categories that either did not succeed to become mainstream, failed to develop further or turned out to become out of date in the first ten years of the 21st century and attempt to understand the reasons for their failure.

IDF Fall 2009: Building Computing Continuum
[09/22/09 | by Anna Filatova]

12th IDF has started this morning in San Francisco gathering over 4,000 attendees and members of the press. World’s first 22 nm wafer, Westmere architecture, new industry strategies – all this and even more in our reports from the forum.

1/2 of 2009: Top News for the First Half of the Year
[07/01/09 | by Anton Shilov]

The first half of the year 2009 is over. Just like predicted, the first six months were quite dramatic: some companies reported massive losses, some ceased to exist. Today we are taking a look on the ten news-stories that you, our readers, considered to be the most interesting and worthy among those we published in the first half of this year.

Globalfoundries: We Have What It Takes to Be a Long-Term Technology and Manufacturing Leader
[04/12/09 | by Anton Shilov]

Globalfoundries is a new name on the market of contract semiconductor manufacturers. The company is a spin-off from AMD and is a result of execution of the company’s “asset smart” strategies. Today we are speaking to Globalfoundries to find out more about the company and its future plans.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta: Like Vista Only Better
[01/28/09 | by Doors4ever]

In our today’s article we are going to discuss new functions, options and distinguishing features of the new Microsoft operating system. We will compare it side by side with Windows Vista in our functionality and performance investigation.

Personal Computers of 2009: Nine Predictions
[12/31/08 | by Anton Shilov]

Some like to review the year ended in an attempt to find certain trends or experience certain events again. But we decided to summarize our expectations for the coming year. In 2009 we seem to be going to bid adieu to Windows XP and get very stylish personal computers, we will see the rise of two polar worlds: ultra-cheap PCs and higher-end multimedia systems and also witness a number of other things that will define the PC world going forward.

CeBIT 2008 Coverage: Part X
[03/15/08 | by Anton Shilov]

In our final article dedicated to CeBIT 2008 we take a look at unique “Turbo” notebooks from MSI; check out OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator; examine various cooling systems and power supply units along with gear for gamers made by different companies and also inspect graphics cards with voltage increase capability. Traditionally, we’ve got beauties from the booths standing next to hardware beauties in this article.