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CeBIT 2008 Coverage: Part 4
[03/13/08 | by Anton Shilov]

In this part of our CeBIT coverage we take a look at deluxe memory modules from Corsair that have unprecedented capacity and speed, check out fresh luxurious devices from Asustek Computer, share some information about EVGA’s mainboard strategy, have a loot at portable desktops with Blu-ray disc drives inside and also reveal some information about the future of SSDs and Western Digital’s opinion on the matter.

CeBIT 2008 Coverage: Part 3
[03/11/08 | by Anton Shilov]

This time we explore more mainboards aimed at extreme overclockers that have LN2 blocks and liquid-cooling installed, laptops made of bamboo by Asus, high-end gaming notebooks from OCZ/Hypersonic, home theater personal computer by MSI as well as forthcoming cooling systems from Scythe.

CeBIT 2008 Coverage: Part 2
[03/10/08 | by Anton Shilov]

In the second part of our CeBIT 2008 coverage we take a look at non-standard mainboards from Asustek and Foxconn, check out graphics cards with built-in voltmodding feature from Gigabyte, examine new memory modules from OCZ Technology, share our thoughts on the destiny of SiS and Via chipset developers and inspect new Asus Eee PC 9”.

CeBIT 2008 Coverage: Part 1
[03/08/08 | by Anton Shilov]

This year CeBIT trade-show kicked off a little earlier than usual and it is really cold in Hannover, Germany. But it should not be chilly in large pavilions of Deutsche Messe, where thousands of this season’s hottest IT products are exhibited. We managed to picture the first AMD’s 45nm wafer candidates, Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2, Freon cooling system from Thermaltake and many other interesting devices and products.

The Best of 2007: X-bit Labs Reader’s Choice Awards
[01/23/08 | by Anna Filatova]

It is time we rounded up the results of our Best of 2007 Reader’s Choice poll. 13 categories, over 30,000 people participated. Let’s find out now who the winners are!

PCMark Vantage: New Complex System Performance Benchmark
[10/17/07 | by Doors4ever]

Futuremark Corporation announced today the release of PCMark Vantage- hardware performance benchmark for PCs running 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista. Our today’s article will be devoted to the peculiarities of the new benchmarking suite, installation and usage techniques as well as the results of three platforms on AMD and Intel processors tested in it.

Intel Developer Forum 2007: Day 2
[09/19/07 | by Anna Filatova]

Today we are going to talk about mobility. Mobile Penryn, Montevina platform, Silverthorne and more WiMAX (Echo Peak solution). Also we will touch upon the innovative features of the upcoming mobile platforms that will help increase battery life and lower the power without sacrificing the performance. Read more in our report from the IDF Mobility keynote!

Intel Developer Forum 2007: Anniversary Edition
[09/18/07 | by Anna Filatova]

IDF 2007 in San Francisco started this morning. The members of the press have been crowding in front of the keynote hall well over half an hour in advance, trying the get the best spots: the presentation promised to be very interesting: Penryn, Nehalem, the first working 32nm wafer, innovations in ultra mobility and power efficiency as well as breakthroughs in WiMAX technology. Read more in our coverage!

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part X
[03/26/07 | by Anton Shilov]

In this last and final episode of our CeBIT 2007 coverage we have some new hardware to show next to models who were at the manufacturers’ booths during the trade-show. We take a look at Nvidia nForce 680i LT SLI-based mainboard, share some information about dual-chip GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards, take a look at several stylish computer cases and a new “made to kill” mouse from Razer as well as unveil some more interesting products and technologies.

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part 5
[03/23/07 | by Anton Shilov]

In this episode of our CeBIT 2007 coverage we examine chipsets and mainboards for future Intel’s 45nm microprocessors, reveal Asustek’s wireless HDMI technology, take a look at a galore of HD DVD-equipped devices, check out a new speaker system from Razer and have a look at Intel’s next-generation server platform for processors with 1600MHz bus.

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part 4
[03/22/07 | by Anton Shilov]

This time we examine Philips’ amBX technology for video gamers, think about prospects of solid state drives and take a look at NAND Flash technology from Intel. Besides, we glance at a “liquid-cooling for everything” concept from EVGA and Innovatek. We also visit booth of Zalman to find 3D displays there and learn about termination of its agreement with top gamer Fatal1ty.

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part 3
[03/20/07 | by Anton Shilov]

Today we are visiting booths of Corsair to have a look at unique 1111MHz 4GB memory kit and the company’s new flash sticks that are bullet-proof at least, we also check out a water-cooler for ATI R600 graphics card from Thermaltake, meet MSI’s mainboard with Creative X-Fi onboard, take a look at sound cards from Asus as well as glance at the world’s largest televisions with 108” and 205” diagonal size.

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part 2
[03/20/07 | by Anton Shilov]

The CeBIT show goes on and today we can share some information about the new technologies and products that are showcased here. Today we took a look at Nvidia’s DirectX 10 offering for mobile computers, we also saw at the world’s first 2000W (2kW) power supply, OCZ’s 1400MHz (1.40GHz) memory, Samsung's external Blu-ray disk drive and some other interesting devices that are coming to the market.

CeBIT 2007 Coverage: Part 1
[03/17/07 | by Anton Shilov]

CeBIT exhibition has kicked off in Hannover, Germany as usual and while a number of companies decided not to make their public appearance on the show floor we still have something to tell you about. Today we are going to show you Nvidia’s first DirectX 10 graphics cards for the mainstream market, samples of DDR3 memory with some thoughts about it, pictures of Art Lebedev’s Maximus, as well as take a close look at Sapphire’s dual-GPU graphics board.

Intel Developer Forum Fall 2006. Day 1 (Continued)
[09/27/06 | by Anna Filatova]

We continue our reports from the IDF sessions. In this article you will find the details on mega datacenters and major trends in this field as well as some revolutionary announcements from the Intel silicon photonics labs.

Intel Developer Forum Fall 2006. Day 1
[09/26/06 | by Anna Filatova]

IDF Fall 2006 in San Francisco started this morning, and we are proud to offer you our detailed reports from the keynote presentations and the showfloor expo. Find out the details about the Quad-core processors, 80-core Intel prototypes, new mobile solutions and more!

Canon CanoScan 8400F Flatbed Scanner: One Level Up
[06/04/06 | by Sergey Samarin]

Are you looking for an inexpensive but efficient solution to scan your pictures and slides? Then our review might be of great interest to you. We are going to discuss another offering from Canon that supports FARE Level 3 hardware dust and scratches removal technology.

EPSON Perfection 4490 PHOTO Scanner: Impeccability Check
[05/11/06 | by Sergey Samarin]

Today we are going to take a look at another solution from the EPSON Perfection family, which was supposed to update the series of scanners targeted at photo amateurs and advanced users. How good will this mainstream product prove in our lab? Find out now!

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 7
[03/17/06 | by Anton Shilov]

On the last day of the show we decided to take a look at Microsoft’s Origami in its incarnation from Asustek, investigate the possibilities regarding the official support of DDR2 800MHz memory by chipset designers, speak to a WD executive about perpendicular recording technology and 15 000rpm HDDs, check out Patiot’s world’s largest SD card and flash drive as well as to discover Blu-ray disc drives from Panasonic.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 6
[03/15/06 | by Anton Shilov]

On the sixth day of our CeBIT 2006 coverage we visit booth of Cooler Master to check out the world’s biggest CPU cooler as well as suitcase-like computer case for travelers, we take a look at stylish notebooks from Asustek, we observe MSI’s conceptual plans to use solar energy for electronic gadgets, listen to music using Sapphire’s MP3 player with up 35 hours battery life and take a look at Foxconn’s systems for the living room.