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X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 5
[03/15/06 | by Anton Shilov]

Today we take a look at the redesigned dual-MXM graphics card from MSI, we explore plans of leading PSU suppliers to bring 1000W power supplies to the market, glance at dual-chip GeForce 6200 from EVGA, have a look at the world’s first GeForce graphics cards with Zalman coolers from Galaxy and also reveal the world’s most powerful PSU from Hiper.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 4
[03/14/06 | by Anton Shilov]

This time we have massive amount of information and also massive amount of hot shoots with models standing at the booths. We expose the world’s fastest graphics card from XFX as well as reveal the company’s first HDMI graphics card , check out DDR3 chipset from SiS along with its market prospects, we take a look at HIS’ new cooling system as well as reveal plans of Foxconn to target enthusiasts. In addition, we offer you to take a look at Club3D’s liquid-cooled Radeon X1900 XTX as well as FIC’s Mac mini competitor that will be sold under Intel Viiv brand.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 3
[03/12/06 | by Anton Shilov]

Here we go with the third day of our CeBIT 2006 coverage. Today we share secrets of ATI and its RV570 code-named product, we take a look at the ultra-overclockable mainboard from Albatron, we find out that Evga will sell boards for quad SLI setups, reveal the new Blizzard graphics card from Sapphire and check out Shuttle’s new system that delivers blazing speeds in small form-factor.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 2
[03/11/06 | by Anton Shilov]

On the second day of the largest trade fair we take a look at world’s fastest memory modules from OCZ, AMD Opteron processors in land grid array packaging, memory modules from Geil with external power connector, GeCube’s dual-GPU graphics card and Foxconn’s unique Quad-SLI system with two GeForce 7900 GT and two 7900 GTX!

X-bit labs CeBIT 2006 Coverage: Day 1
[03/10/06 | by Anton Shilov]

The CeBIT 2006 show has just taken off on Hannover, Germany. The first day of the show brings us new GeForce 7600- and 7900-series graphics cards, eye-catching new memory modules from Corsair, striking products and models from Sapphire and the world’s first dual-core AMD Turion 64-based notebook! Join us to take a look around the show!

IDF Spring 2006 Coverage: Day 2
[03/09/06 | by Anna Filatova]

Today I am going to share some details on Intel’s own advanced liquid cooling system an, of course, the Intel Conroe performance details in some popular synthetic and gaming benchmarks.

IDF Spring 2006 Coverage: Day 1 (Continued)
[03/08/06 | by Anna Filatova]

I continue reporting from the IDF sessions. What is new on the mobility front? Merom processor, Santa Rosa platform, new Intel NAND Robson technology reducing the boot-up time. Also, I will touch upon some hot enterprise news: Truland, Bensley and the world’s first quad-core DP Clovertown demo, . And there is more to follow!

IDF Spring 2006 Coverage: Day 1
[03/07/06 | by Anna Filatova]

As always I am glad to share with you some really exciting news fresh from the Intel Developer Forum that has just started in San Francisco, California. Some new from the multi-core front, cool CPU shots, details about Intel's innovative technolgoies and plans for the future. All on X-bit labs!

The Best of 2005: X-bit Labs Readers’ Choice Awards
[03/02/06 | by Anna Filatova]

The results of our annual 2005 Readers’ Choice poll have been summarized and the winners have been finally identified. 18 prestigious awards have been given by over 30,000 of regular X-bit labs readers. Let’s find out, who the winners are!

Interview with Appro: XtremeServers Way to Go!
[02/15/06 | by Anna Filatova]

You may have already noticed that Appro Company is actively promoting its new XtremeServer products on our site and a few other online media. This is actually one of the reasons why we got interested in finding out what makes these server solutions so remarkable. Find all the details in our Interview!

Personal Laser Printers Roundup: Monochrome Printing
[01/19/06 | by Vasily Melnik]

We are going to introduce to you 9 laser printers for home and office use from such well-known companies as Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Konica-Minolta, Lexmark, OKI, Samsung and Xerox. We will look at sub-$200 models, to find out which one is going to be the best buy for your buck. All the details including in-depth performance and quality analysis in our extensive roundup!

CES 2006 Coverage
[01/12/06 | by Anna Filatova]

CES 2006 is over. But although we have been sharing with you all the news hot from the show floors on a daily basis, there were still quite a few interesting things left that are worth mentioning. Check out our report now for more latest and greatest news from the first Computer show of the year 2006!

EPSON Perfection 3490 PHOTO Scanner Review
[12/17/05 | by Sergey Samarin]

Today we will introduce to you a scanner that can boast this nearly ideal balance between attractive price and great performance for the buck. This model proved to be ideal for those who have to scan multi-page text documents, magazine illustrations for the Web, and standard photographs. Read more in our review today!

Canon CanoScan 5200F: Inexpensive Scanner with Hardware Dust and Scratches Reduction
[10/03/05 | by Sergey Samarin]

We would like to introduce to you a Canon scanner with Film Automatic Retouching & Enhancement technology for removing dust and scratches. Low price, excellent features and exclusive software bundle make this solution the model you’ve long hoped to find!

IDF Fall 2005. Day 3
[08/25/05 | by Anna Filatova]

The keynote by Justin Rattner was devoted to the platforms of the future. What will a computer system of 10-years later look like? Self aware computer systems would be a scary reality, but the user aware systems already exist. Let’s take a trip to the future now!

IDF Fall 2005. Day 2
[08/24/05 | by Anna Filatova]

In this article written fresh from the IDF Fall 2005 we will be talking mostly about the enterprise and server environment. Intel’s detailed Server and Workstation roadmap, Active Management Technology and Virtualization Technology, new Bensley platform and more!

IDF Fall 2005 Day 1: Continued
[08/23/05 | by Anna Filatova]

I continue reporting from the IDF arena. This time I would like to dwell on broadband and wireless technologies, news from the mobile front, and detailed desktop, server and mobile roadmap including specifications and product photos. Don’t miss it!

IDF Fall 2005 Coverage. Day 1
[08/23/05 | by Anna Filatova]

IDF Fall 2005 started a few hours ago, and I already have something interesting for you to read. News from the dual-core front, amazing optimizations of the power consumption (and not only on the mobile segment), Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest and more!

EPSON F-3200 Film Scanner: Millennium Dome
[06/16/05 | by Sergey Samarin]

According to the company’s official press releases EPSON F-3200 Film Scanner is targeted for “professionals and photo-enthusiasts”. We decided to take a closer look at the digitizing quality and performance of this device to see if it will please the experienced and demanding professional users.

Desktop Computing Redefined: Apple Moves Step Closer to the PC
[06/07/05 | by Anton Shilov]

Possibility of Apple to transit its computers to Intel’s microprocessors have been widely discussed for years, but the actual announcement was still rather unexpected in the industry. With the transition to Intel, Apple gets a number of new opportunities, but faces some stiff challenges as well. Could the shift be a major strategy change for Apple? X-bit labs today explores this along with analysts from Jon Peddie Research, Insight 64 and Petrov Group.