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Computex 2005 Coverage. Part I
[06/01/05 | by Anna Filatova]

I am reporting about the most interesting products and technologies demonstrated at Computex Taipei. Fresh news from the show floor, funny incidents, new names in the hardware industry and more in a series of article I am going to be offering you these days.

E3 Expo 2005: Hardware Innovation Behind the Gaming Fun
[05/19/05 | by Anna Filatova]

E3 gaming and technology show is taking place in Los Angeles Convention Center right now and I am reporting from the showfloor about the most interesting innovative solutions, which deliver ultimate gaming and graphics experience to you desktop platform, cell phone, or gaming console.

EPSON Perfection 4990 Scanner: D?j? vu?
[05/11/05 | by Sergey Samarin]

We would like to introduce to you a new model in the excellent photo scanner family line from EPSON. Selling at a pretty reasonable price, this solution offers all the benefits of the predecessors and boasts a few modifications. How revolutionary are they? Find out from our detailed performance and scanning quality analysis today!

ASUS VENTO 3600 PC Case Review
[04/12/05 | by Yury Vayukin]

Please meet one more exclusively looking system case from ASUS. Remarkable design, bright color, very easy and convenient assembly and sufficient cooling even for a high-end gaming system, this is what you get from this baby. Read more in our new review!

Thermaltake Tsunami Dream PC Case Review
[04/08/05 | by Nikita Nikolaichev]

We would like to offer you a detailed review of a Thermaltake case (VA3400BWA model), which not only looks great, but also provides excellent thermal environment for a high-performance home system. Check out our article for the assembly tips, design peculiarities of this solution and detailed investigation of system components temperatures in various work modes!

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 7
[03/24/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The show has ended, however X-bit labs still has something to tell about. In this last part of our coverage we will discover some AMD Turion 64 notebooks; have a look at GeCube’s, Gigabyte’s and Tul’s graphics cards with passive cooling; hear some comments from Western Digital in regards not-that-bright future of SAS; glance at 8P AMD Opteron server from TYAN; see what ULI wants to offer the market; have a look at high-end memory maker’s GEIL’s consumer electronics products and glimpse at Biostar’s high-performance AMD64 barebone.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 6
[03/17/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The world’s largest trade show is about to end, but it does not mean that X-bit labs has nothing new to tell about. In today’s reporting we explore Blu-ray disc recorders from Hitachi and Panasonic and also glance at BD player from Sony; reveal some details about ServerWorks’ HT2000 chipset for AMD64 server processors; discover some new products from Sapphire Technologies, including an ultra high-performance mainboard and a bunch of TV-tuners; see how OCZ takes DDR1 memory to 667MHz without much problems; and even watch AMD Athlon 64 processor being plugged into a mainboard for Intel Pentium 4 chips.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 5
[03/15/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The fifth day of CeBIT exhibition has passed and X-bit labs has managed to catch up with some unseen products, including a prototype mainboard based on NVIDIA’s first chipset with integrated graphics core for AMD64 processors; the first mainboards for the Athlon 64 processor in BTX form-factor; Leadtek’s dual-chip graphics card; and also about CoolerMaster’s, Thermaltake’s and Zalman’s plans to get into the living rooms.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 4
[03/14/05 | by Anton Shilov]

X-bit labs continues to bring you the creams of the show in Hannover and today we have some updates from ABIT, who is showcasing its concept remote controller to control the PC and an array of home appliances; Foxconn’s e-Bot barebone PC for AMD64 processors in addition to nForce Professional-based mainboard for single-CPU system; and also about 512MB graphics cards from Gainward and XFX.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 3
[03/13/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The show is proceeding and X-bit labs has managed to learn some interesting things from the show ground: some facts about the FB-DIMM concept that is developed by an ex-Rambus engineer; MSI’s plans concerning the multi-GPU supporting mainboards and removal of the SLI-selector; OCZ Technology’s intentions to make 700W PSUs; TwinMOS showcase of DDR2 733MHz; Club3D’s RADEON X700 PRO for AGP systems; as well as pictures from AMD’s and Intel’s demonstration of the dual-core processors.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 2
[03/11/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The show is going on and we have some interesting information from ATI, who seems to be gearing up for the launch of its multi-VPU rendering technology; AMD, who has introduced the Turion 64 chip; ASUS, who is showing off the world’s fastest graphics card which will continue to be among the fastest for about a year – the dual-GPU GeForce 6800 Ultra.

X-bit labs CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 1
[03/11/05 | by Anton Shilov]

The world’s largest IT tradeshow kicked off in Hannover, Germany, attracting over five thousands of exhibiters and tens of thousands decision makers, analysts, observers and technology fans. In this coverage we are going to offer you the information from the show floor that touches upon such things like Dual-GPU mode on Intel’s chipsets, Shader Model 4.0, overclockability of NVIDIA’s latest nForce4 chipsets for Intel processors as well as some information on DDR 2 memory market penetration.

Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 8200 Scanner: the So-Called “Top Model”
[03/07/05 | by Sergey Samarin]

The device we are going to talk about today belongs to the most expensive series of high-performance scanners offered by Hewlett Packard. But is the investment in this high-end and very expensive solution going to pay back in full? Find out if this baby if worth spending a fortune on :)

Intel Developer Forum Spring 2005: Day 2 Coverage
[03/02/05 | by Anna Filatova]

I continue sharing with you the news from IDF Spring 2005. Today’s article will focus on the digital home and digital office initiatives and the innovations within them, on the future entertainment PC concepts for both: mobile and desktop segments, as well as on the details about the dual core processor architecture, functionality and performance benefits.

Intel Developer Forum Spring 2005: Day 1 Coverage
[03/01/05 | by Anna Filatova]

Intel Developer Forum took off in San Francisco on the first spring day of 2005. What are the main initiatives Intel is going to address today in front of over 500 analysts and industry people? Read our Day 1 Coverage to find out what were the key topics brought up by Craig Barrett in his last IDF speech, what new and exciting announcements are coming in the memory market and more!

The Best of 2004: X-bit labs Readers' Choice Awards
[02/02/05 | by Anna Filatova]

The results of our annual 2004 Readers’ Choice poll have been summarized and the winners have been finally identified. 12 prestigious awards have been given by over 20,000 of regular X-bit labs readers. Let’s find out, who the winners are!

EPSON Perfection 3170/4180 PHOTO Scanners Review
[10/21/04 | by Sergey Samarin]

September was a fertile month for Seiko Epson Corporation as it issued another two products, Perfection 3170 and Perfection 4180, after the August release of the Perfection 2480/2580 pair. The two new scanners are targeted at amateur photographers and beginners who want professional-like quality.

EPSON Perfection 2480/2580 PHOTO: Fall Offsprings in the “Perfect” Family
[09/27/04 | by Sergey Samarin]

Please meet the two new models in the legendary Perfection family from EPSON. These two solutions targeted for home use passed all our tests with honors and proved to be an excellent choice for your closest consideration. Read more in our review!

IDF Fall 2004: Day 2
[09/09/04 | by Anna Filatova]

I continue telling you about the latest and greatest innovations presented at the IDF Fall 2004 in San Francisco. Today you will find out about the desktop and mobile dual-core solutions, Sonoma and Napa platforms, Serial ATA II interface and Serial Attached SCSI technology.

IDF Fall 2004: Day 1 on the Showfloor
[09/07/04 | by Anna Filatova]

Check out the IDF Fall 2004 showcase to see new NVIDIA’s SLI technology up and running, high-performance server products from TYAN and Supermicro and outstanding SpayCool cooling solution live!