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IDF Fall 2004: Day 1
[09/07/04 | by Anna Filatova]

IDF Fall 2004 has just taken off in San Francisco, California, and I am ready to share some news with you. WiMAX achievements and IEEE 802.16 wireless standard, new trends in the Digital Home concept and Intel’s dual-core processor architecture – these are the things to be covered in our first report.

News Glance: The Essential Commentary on the Week’s Hottest News
[07/09/04 | by Anton Shilov]

We combined the hottest events for two weeks and now ready to share with you some exclusive details along with comments. Let’s have an in-depth talk about the ramp of PCI Express, Shader Model 3.0, NVIDIA’s SLI technology and transition to 64-bit computing.

News Glance: The Essential Commentary on the Week’s Hottest News
[07/01/04 | by Anton Shilov]

X-bit labs' News Glance is a bit out of schedule, but once again brings you the coverage of the hottest events happened during the 26th week with the commentary you expect from professionals. This time we discuss the launch of Intel’s new chipsets along with LGA775 processors, the ramp of ATI RADEON X800 and NVIDIA GeForce 6800, Microsoft’s Xbox 2 as well as ATI R500 and IBM PowerPC 976 specifications.

News Glance: The Essential Commentary on the Week’s Hottest News
[06/21/04 | by Anton Shilov]

In our this week’s News Glance we take an in-depth look on AMD’s dual-core microprocessors, a dispute between a group of end-users and Sapphire Technology as well as OCZ Technology’s unique device called “DDR Booster” that allows to clock memory at astonishing 633MHz or above.

News Glance: The Essential Commentary on the Week’s Hottest News
[06/13/04 | by Anton Shilov]

We are probing a possibility to create overviews of the week’s hottest events featuring commentary from official representatives and industry experts. This is X-bit labs’ pilot issue with the in-depth look into the most significant recent happenings in the personal computer industry in the recent week. Today we are covering the latest stories about AMD Sempron, NVIDIA NV45, dual-core Pentium 4 chips, dispute between NVIDIA and ATI in regards trilinear filtering optimizations, AMD’s plans to supply low-power chips and ABIT’s claims about instability of the NVIDIA nForce3 250-series.

EPSON Perfection 4870 PHOTO Scanner Review: There Is No Limit to Perfection!
[05/25/04 | by Sergey Samarin]

This January in the gold-miners’ city of San Francisco EPSON Corporation unveiled its new scanner of the Perfection family, intended as the new flagship product of the series. The manufacturer targets the Perfection 4870 at "advanced" amateur photographers as well as at professionals. So let’s find out why this solution is so remarkable.

E3 Show in Los Angeles: All About Gaming
[05/17/04 | by Anna Filatova]

E3 Electronic Entertainment Exposition show in Los Angeles was a great event for gaming fans. Tons of new games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, new exciting details about the upcoming software and hardware solutions, cool giveaways and a lot of other fun stuff. Read our show coverage now for more interesting news from the showfloors!

May 2004 Hardware News Overview
[05/11/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

In our new article devoted to the news of the hardware industry you will be able to read about the new product announcements, the leading manufacturers’ plans for the near future, the exciting new stuff coming out at Computex 2004 and much more!

PCI Express and DDR2 Ready to Occupy the Market?
[04/28/04 | by Anton Shilov]

The industry is making two important leaps this year: it begins to replace conventional PCI with PCI Express and is forwarding to DDR2 SDRAM memory. Find out some more information about the challenges the new technologies are likely to run into this year.

April 2004 Hardware News Overview
[04/21/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

Today we are going to offer you a detailed coverage of the events, which took place in the past month, and to see how they are going to affect the situation in the CPU, chipset, mainboard, graphics, memory and peripherals markets. If you feel like you might have missed something recently, then check out our article now!

X-bit Labs CeBIT Hannover 2004 Coverage: Days 4 and 5
[03/24/04 | by Anton Shilov]

In our fourth coverage of European largest technology event we talk about malicious problems with Intel’s Socket T as well as prospects of overclocking DDR memory towards 650MHz or higher. Additionally, you will learn about some exciting consumer gadgets as well as a new large mainboard maker.

X-bit Labs CeBIT Hannover 2004 Coverage: Part 3
[03/22/04 | by Anton Shilov]

Please read our third part of the CeBIT report, where we will tell you about the new products from Albatron, GeiL, S3 and ULi. Besides, there are also some hot news about the upcoming NV40 solution from NVIDIA, so don’t miss it!

X-bit Labs CeBIT Hannover 2004 Coverage: Part 2
[03/22/04 | by Anton Shilov]

We continue our CeBIT reports. This time you can read a lot of exciting stuff from the XGI, EPoX, ATI, ASUS and GeCube booths!

X-bit Labs CeBIT Hannover 2004 Coverage: Part 1
[03/21/04 | by Anton Shilov]

Yes, finally our patient waiting has been rewarded! The world's largest show devoted to the latest achievements inthe field of computer and other informational technologies took place in Hanover in the middle of March. The showturned out a success. Everybody: the visitors and the exhibitors were more than satisfied. So, let us take a lookat the past CeBIT 2004 show and find out what interesting things it brought into our life.

March 2004 Hardware News Overview
[03/14/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

Winter is over. Let’s sum up the achievements and results of the past winter months in our regular monthly hardware coverage. You will be able to find the latest and most interesting news about processors, mainboards and chipsets, graphics chips and VGA cards, as well as monitors, notebooks and memory!

February 2004 Hardware News Overview
[02/23/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

The first month of the new year 2004 has passed. Let’s find out what we can expect in the remaining winter time and what effect will the events have on the processor, mainboard, video, storage and other markets in the nearest future. Learn more about the latest hardware news and see the future!

January 2004 Hardware News Overview
[01/19/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

Today we are summing up the results of the last month in 2003 and make our forecasts for the near future. With all those Christmas and New Year holidays you may have missed a lot of interesting things. So, check our monthly hardware overview to find out more about CPUs, mainboards, monitors, notebooks, memory and more!

Flatbed Scanner Guide: Glance from Inside
[01/11/04 | by Sergey Samarin]

We are going to take a closer look at the contemporary flatbed scanners to find out how this mysterious thing actually works and what secrets it hides. A detailed coverage of the technologies implemented in the latest flatbeds, their construction and working principles are all in our new guide!

Best of 2003: The Results of X-bit labs Poll
[01/09/04 | by Anna Filatova]

Congratulations! Our readers awarded 8 companies with the best prizes a hardware manufacturer can ever get: the User’s Choice. Find out what companies won our readers’ hearts in the past year 2003 in the results summary!

Annual Hardware Overview: A Glance Back at the Year 2003
[01/08/04 | by Andy Yaschenko]

Well, today we are going to take a glance back at the past year 2003 and sum up all the events and innovations of the hardware industry. Intriguing stories, exciting announcements, new partnerships and the most remarkable product launches of the past year in our Annual Hardware Overview!