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“At Last, a Real Choice in Operating Systems and Apps” – Jon Peddie, JPR

X-bit labs publishes a column provided by Jon Peddie, principal analyst at Jon Peddie Research, below.

Everyone has heard the news by now that Apple will move to an X86-based platform next year. Apple’s move exposes weakness in IBM’s processor business. We believe that it also shows real bravery on the part of  Apple in putting its corporate ego aside to do right thing and possibly the best thing for the company an its shareholders.

Jon Peddie

Apple Finally Goes x86

But even more importantly, it give the company an opportunity to prove to the world what it and its customers have been saying about Apple’s superior operating system (OS) and user interface (UI) experience. We’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like the look and feel of an Apple. The OS X is considered one of the finest triumphs of Apple ever; it’s two years ahead of Microsoft’s Longhorn and it has probably functioned as major prototype for a lot of Longhorn ideas.

Now we find out that Apple has been experimenting with x86 processors for some time, and in fact has had their operating systems running on them for over five years. OS X was developed from the start to be cross platform. So if Apple wanted to, they could have offered OS X to the x86 world a year ago. However, Leopard the new x86 version of OS X will not come out until 2006, approximately about the time Longhorn comes out.

Think about it. If Apple ever offered a version of its operating system to all PC users, it would be the first serious competition Microsoft has faced since the early days of the Macintosh and the PC. The Mac OS is much more of a threat than Linux because OS X brings a suite of very appealing applications along with it. Linux definitely does not.

Steve Jobs, photo by PC Watch web-site

As Steve Jobs said, “More than the software more than the hardware, the soul of the Mac is the OS.”

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