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Dramatically Different PC World Approaching

However, Phil Schiller, Apple’s president told the developers that Apple would not allow its operating system to run on anyone’s but Apple’s machines. No clones for now. But, there is plenty of reason to expect to see dual boot systems. Schiller added that Apple would do nothing to prevent Apple machines from running both Windows and Apple operating systems. Nevertheless, once Apple goes to x86 they can’t avoid clones (like AOpen’s miniMac Pentium M-based mini PC, codenamed Pandora.)

This will also attract more applications to the Mac. All Apple applications will have to be reported and complied, but Apple has had the tools for some time to do that and even Microsoft said all of its Apple apps will be translated.

Apple iMac

So is it a good thing? Like Steve Jobs asked the developers, “Why did we do this, wasn’t everything OK?”  Well, no, everything wasn’t OK. Now Apple has a shot at gaining some real market share. It puts Microsoft in a defending position, which will be good for the industry (although Microsoft can, and, no doubt, will play hard ball if it feels too threatened.)

Apple is going to have a real challenge in managing the Osborne effect. Many users may well elect to wait out transition and forgo buying PowerPC machines and wait for the new Intel-based machines. Luckily Apple has money in the bank and plenty of iPods to sell.

There’s going to be a dramatically different PC world in 2007, and we can thank Apple for helping to create it.

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