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Appro launched 1U and 3U XtremeServers, next generation Opteron-based servers, designed to speed processing for high performance computing and computationally intensive business applications.  Both servers are available with Single-or Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. These systems doubles the memory availability currently not supported in any other server platform making 4-way processor systems capable of handling up to 128GB - providing extreme memory scalability.

You may have already noticed that Appro Company is actively promoting its new XtremeServer products on our site and a few other online media. This is actually one of the reasons why we got interested in finding out what makes these server solutions so remarkable. Luckily Maria McLaughlin, Senior Marketing Manager of Appro International, agreed to answer some of our questions and shed some light on the new XtremeServer product line from Appro.

X-bit labs: Good afternoon, Maria. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. And as the topic of our today's discussion suggests, most of our questions refer to your newest product - XtremeServer solutions. Tell us please about XtremeServers. Are these products available?  If so, what are the details you could share with us at this time?

Appro XtremeServers are Appro's next generation 1U and 3U products. The availability of these new servers expands the XtremeServer product line Appro launched last year when it introduced XtremeBlade.  The new 1U and 3U XtremeServers provide innovated server technology designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability with extreme memory scalability for compute and memory intensive applications.

It is important to say that these new XtremeServers are the first to be built on motherboards designed by Appro. One of the important features in these servers design is that our motherboard comes with eight memory slots per processor instead of only four slots supported by other motherboard manufactures.  This provides to our customers enormous system memory flexibility. The APPRO 1U XtremeServer allows up to 64GB of on-board memory while the APPRO 3U XtremeServer permits up to 128GB.  In addition, these servers configured with Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors deliver performance equal to servers with up to double the number of CPUs providing tremendous processing power and a perfect fit for compute and memory intensive applications. That is a new paradigm for server memory availability!

X-bit labs: How Appro XtremeServers differentiate from other server manufacturers and how can customers benefit from this?

From 1991 to year 2000, Appro was one of the largest OEM rack mount computer systems manufacturers in the United States. Appro’s background was to build and provide high quality systems for Tier 1 suppliers such as Cisco and Sun.  With that background, Appro Changed its business Model in the year 2000 and start offering its own line of Appro-branded high-density servers for the high performance computing markets offering commodity motherboards built in its own Appro’s backplane design, power supply and chassis. The Xtreme product line is the first where Appro is also dictating the design and feature sets of the motherboard as well.  Customers’ requirements are important to us and by keeping tight control over the design of the entire server gives us leading edge to deliver the feature set that customers’ require. Appro is accelerating the process to accommodate that demand.  By controlling the motherboard feature and revision as well as bio changes, make it easier for us to customize customers’ requirement delivering faster and innovative product to market.

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