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X-bit labs: What are the ideal applications to run in the 1U XtremeServers?

The 1U XtremeServer The APPRO 1U XtremeServer is a perfect foundation for supercomputing clusters for customers who require a flexible density-optimized 1U server.  Supported enterprise applications include Beowulf clusters, financial modeling, compute farms, digital rendering, seismic analysis, video streaming, web hosting, complex custom application development, or other applications requiring higher floating-point and memory bandwidth performance. 

X-bit labs: What are the ideal applications to run in the 3U XtremeServers?

The Appro 3U XtremeServers brings even more power, impressive memory scaling, and end-user flexibility. This server is ideal for large compute-intensive applications such as mechanical and engineering graphic simulation and rendering, computational fluid dynamics, scientific visualization, and digital content creation.

X-bit labs: How AMD collaborates with Appro in this product announcement? What part do they play and how will this collaboration benefit customers?

Appro XtremeServers offer an innovative solution by combining performance advantages of AMD Opteron processors, for example, AMD PowerNow!™ technology with Optimized Power Management (OPM) which provides performance-on-demand by dynamically adjusting performance based on CPU utilization – helping systems to run at optimum performance and power levels, reducing electricity costs while maximizing IT budget dollars. Appro XtremeServers are designed to provide that versatility and performance for all business sizes - from a multi-tiered web environment and High Performance Computing to a single-function application. In addition, AMD Dual-core delivers greater performance than the single-core offerings. The dual-core product requires additional memory bandwidth and benefits from reduced memory latency. Direct Connect Architecture meets these increasing demands much more efficiently than the front-side bus architecture of our competitor. This provides great performance advantage delivered by the Opteron solution.

AMD has provided us with the tools and technology to accelerate business results. Working together, Appro and AMD provide customer-focused innovations that our High-Performance and Enterprise computing customers' require.

X-bit labs: What market segments will be affected by these new products?

The segments would be grouped by Application rather than vertical, because the Scientific, Financial and Oil and Gas for example, share similar needs in HPC. Therefore, our market segment could be made up of Compute farms and Database applications. In addition, XtremeServers would play heavily in addressing the needs of a wide variety of applications that require compute and memory intensive performance while satisfying the needs for higher reliability.

X-bit labs: Where does Appro AMD Opteron based servers go from here?

We believe that AMD will continue to provide industry-leading solutions. AMD was the first to introduce a dual-core offering in the server market. AMD has already announced that they will be introducing multi-core products in the near future. In addition, they will be extending the Direct Connect Architecture to provide enhanced CPU cores, increased memory bandwidth and even higher speed IO bandwidth. We feel that with the availability of our next generation products: XtremeServers and XtremeBlade based on AMD Opteron processors, Appro will make a significant contribution to the High Performance and Enterprise computing markets. We look forward to make first shipments of these new products and continue to look ahead for more product innovations to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

X-bit labs: Where do you take components for servers? Does Appro manufacture them or purchase them from third-parties?

Appro uses open standard commodity based components. Appro’s headquarters is in Milpitas, CA with an R&D and manufacturing center in Asia and a sales and service office in Houston, Texas. Appro is a leading developer of high-performance, density-managed servers, storage subsystems, and high-end workstations for the high-performance and enterprise computing markets. Product innovation, strategic technology partnerships, and leadership in price/performance value contribute to Appro’s participation in the HPC space. Our strategic partnerships with AMD, Intel, Infiniband Consortium, Raytheon and Uniwide Technologies allow us to expand our product footprint and address the needs of different industry verticals. Appro has now over 10 years of experience with engineering talent to support the mechanical, electrical and driver development demands of HPC.

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