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X-bit labs: What solution is the current top-selling Appro product?

Our top selling solution is the 3U Appro XtremeServer. The Appro 3U XtremeServer supports up to 4 AMD Opteron™ processors. The 128GB memory footprint enables most applications to run faster or support more users than other systems. The 3U XtremeServer combines AMD Dual-Core Opteron™ processor technology, excellent management and outstanding uptime features in an enterprise-class system ideal for large data center deployments. This server is the best performing x86 4-processor server in the industry. Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processors enable a huge boost in performance. Depending on the application and environment, customers can expect to see anywhere from 15 to 65% performance improvement from single-core processors.

Appro XtremeServers take advantage of AMD Opteron technology, for example, AMD PowerNow! technology with Optimized Power Management (OPM) which provides performance-on-demand by dynamically adjusting performance based on CPU utilization – helping systems to run at optimum performance and power levels, reducing electricity costs while maximizing IT budget dollars. Appro XtremeServers are designed to provide that versatility and performance for all business sizes - from a multi-tiered web environment and High Performance Computing to a single-function application.

X-bit labs: Since we are directly involved into online business, I would greatly appreciate your advice. What server from your current product range you could recommend for a site like ours? At this time X-bit labs has close to 2 million unique readers and over 10 million page views a month. The software we use works with FreeBSD and Apache. We also actively use PHP and MySQL database. Could you please recommend a server solution for us at this time and explain why you think it would be the best choice for our needs?

Appro 1U XtremeServer is an ideal fit for X-bit labs. The two-way 1U XtremeServer offer a variety of configurations such as AMD Single/Dual-Core Opteron processors, up to 64GB of ECC 400 DDR per server, up to two SATA or SCSI hot-swappable drives,1 PCI-X and 1 PCI-Express slots and more. In addition, XtremeServers is packaged with ServerDome remote management, IPMI 2.0 compliant, and a choice of Windows or Linux Operating Systems. X-bit Labs can also take advantage of the AMD Opteron technology by using AMD PowerNow!™ technology with Optimized Power Management. The 1U XtremeServer is also perfect for customers looking for leading performance and management in a rack-optimized form factor. The 1U XtremeServer will increase compute and memory performance for any technical and enterprise web applications while adding reliability and flexibility making life much easier for X-bit labs system administrators.

X-bit labs: Thank you very much for your time, Maria. On behalf of X-bit labs team and readers I would like to wish Appro good luck in conquering the market and we look forward to seeing more exciting new solutions from you in the future.

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