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You all know very well that ASUS has been working hard on expanding its product range very actively lately. It looks like they are trying to be the No.1 not only in the mainboard market segment :)

One of the actively developing directions is the computer cases business. I have to say that this initiative has been among the tasks of “ASUSTeK enterprise group” for a long time now. In the beginning of the new millennium there wasn’t a single solution hat could successfully compete with a T10A from Elan Vital, which was a member of ASUSTeK enterprise group. A lot of time has passed since then and today ASUS is undertaking another attempt to enter the computer case market with a product line under its own brand name.

Of course, it is barely possible to even try to compete with some noname Chinese-made solutions from the pricing point of view. Besides, it is not what a respectful company would do to its clients. Any manufacturer should strive for the optimal combination of price and quality, if they want to succeed in this market.

At present ASUDS is pushing forward a few system case product lines. Among them I would like to specifically mention TA-21 and TA-23, which have already started selling. However, introducing a top-model is the best trick from technological and marketing prospective that will drive most attention to the company and its products. These are the solutions boasting eye-catching design and outstanding features. However, there is usually another side to this bright picture: high price. But… why should you take it from those people who can afford it?

Today we would like to introduce to you a new ASUS VENTO 3600 system case. Even a quick glance at this model is enough to understand exactly what user this solution is targeted at. These are certainly the people who cannot be indifferent to everything bright and stylish. But what kind of style is that? The case does look like something so familiar, and at the same time doesn’t.

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