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Traditionally large store chains in the U.S. attempt to attract maximum amount of consumers to their stores on the so-called Black Friday, the next day after Thanksgiving. On Black Fridays shops offer incredible discounts and allow users to get desired products for massively lower prices. Naturally, not all visitors get what they want since the qualities of products are limited, but they are attracted to stores and usually make spontaneous purchases that they have never planned.

But does it make a lot of sense to get up at 3AM so to get to a story by 5AM to purchase a device at a discount? Electronics is getting less expensive constantly and maybe in a couple of months there will be better products selling at affordable prices. In this essay we take a look at some of the hottest  Black Friday deals and try to understand whether it makes sense to rush to stores early in the morning with a hope to get something at a discount or whether it is smarter to wait a couple of months to get a similar offering.

E-Book Readers Dip Below $100

Electronic-book readers have indisputably got more popular in 2010. Unfortunately, for average mass consumers those devices are still pretty expensive as Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook start at $139 and $149, respectively. During the Black Friday Amazon's second-generation Kindle 6" with 3G module will be available for $89 from Amazon, whereas B&N's 6" Nook with E Ink screen and Wi-Fi will cost just $99 at Best Buy. The price-points below $1000 are likely to catalyze loads of people to jump onto the e-book bandwagon.

Barnes & Noble Nook e-book reader is based on Google Android platform, features black and white 6'' e-ink Vizplex screen as well as 3.5'' colour touch-screen for navigation, 2GB of onboard flash memory for books or news-papers (microSD port also available) and up to 10 days of battery life with wireless connectivity off. Unfortunately, the model available from Best Buy will not support 3G module and will only rely onto Wi-Fi.

The second-generation Amazon Kindle is not as sleek as B&N's Nook and is not currently sold by Amazon itself. However, a limited amount of second-gen Kindle 6" 3G+Wi-Fi for $89 will be available for order from on Black Friday, the company recently announced.

"Black Friday Deal: Limited number of previous gen Kindle (same E Ink as current Nook) for just $89! Deal starts 11/26 at 9 am PST," a statement by the company reads.

Some other stores are also going to offer its customers Sony's PRS-300SC e-book readers for the same price, but given that it  has 5" screen and is out of date, it does not seem to be an interesting deal.

Considering the fact that neither of leading suppliers of electronic book readers - Amazon, B&N and Sony - did not reduce prices on their current generation models, but offered previous-gen e-book readers at discounts, it does not seem that they are ready to drop their up-to-date products to below $100 level just now. It is logical to expect them to do that sometimes next year. What is important is that during Black Friday companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble will be able to test the demand towards e-book readers at below psychologically important $100 price-point. Based on the response from the end-user, the companies will make their decisions whether to impose lower price-points onto third-generation Amazon Kindle 6" and inevitable second-generation Nook 6" sometimes early next year or in the second half of 2011.

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