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Samsung 32" HDTV + Nintendo Wii = $399, Wii Available for $169

Usually game consoles and cheap 720p-class high-definition TV-sets are hardly attract a lot of attention primarily because their prices during special times do not significantly differ from normal. But Best Buy decided to change stereotypes and offer a rather unbelievable package: a Wii console with a Samsung HDTV for $399.

From 5AM till 9AM on Black Friday the store chain will offer its visitors to buy a Nintendo Wii game console (usual price is $199) and a Samsung 32" HDTV (~$330 ~ $399) for $399. As the Wii game console does not support high-definition output, it is hardly important that the television hardly supports full-HD resolution and other advanced technologies. The package seems to be aimed primarily at kids rooms. The bundle will be available in all Best Buy stores, but the amount of them will be limited to 40 per ship.

Separately, on the Black Friday the largest retail chain in the U.S. will offer Nintendo Wii game console separately (with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Remote Plus) for $169, a $30 discount.

Thanks to availability of Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move that make X360 and PS3 platforms more appealing to casual users, it is time for Nintendo to reconsider the price of Wii game console. It is unlikely that Nintendo will officially reduce the price of Wii this holiday season from $199. However, already now Amazon sells white Wii game console for $179.

It is reasonable to expect price-drop of Nintendo Wii after the end of Japanese financial year on the 31st of March, 2011, in the meantime, Amazon and Best Buy seem to be the best sources for discounted Wii systems on Black Friday.

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