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Video Game Consoles: PS3 for $199, X360 + Kinect for $199, Wii Drops to $99

Video game consoles are traditional doorbusters for many retail chains, which is pretty natural: game consoles are nice gifts and are always welcome by kids. This year manufacturers of game systems introduced new low-cost bundles which prices most probably represent 2012 official price-cuts by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Microsoft along with its partners from retail chains decided to bundle the Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect motion sensor for $199 (the bundle is currently available at CompUSA, RadioShack, Walmart and a lot of other venues). Besides, a number of retail and e-tail stores offer Xbox 360 250GB for $199 (Best Buy), which is $100 off; as well as Xbox 360 4GB for $139 (Target). Kinect sensor itself will drop to $99 in many locations.

For many years gamers have been waiting for PlayStation 3 to hit the $199 price-point. For at least one day the PS3 160GB system with two video games will cost $199 from a large number of stores, including Best Buy, Game Stop, Target, Walmart, RadioShack, etc..

The epoch of Nintendo Wii is clearly over. Recent major declines of its sales all around the world just prove the point that Nintendo needs to get Wii U on the market as soon as possible. On Black Friday (and on Cyber Monday) Nintendo and its retail partners (Best Buy, Walmart) will offer Wii with New Super Mario Bros video game and a music CD for $99.

Based on rumours, next-generation of consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are just around the corner. Therefore, it will be very logical for those companies to cut official prices of PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 to the Black Friday’s levels to keep sales on high levels until the future systems arrive. Besides, Sony and Microsoft will have to do the price-cuts to successfully compete against Nintendo Wii U.

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