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So this is the end of today’s tests and it’s time to sum everything up. The Canon CanoScan 8400F has proved to be a really fast scanner with a rather small lamp warm-up time. I want to advise you however not to skip the calibration procedure, which is off by default in the driver, if you wish to have really high-quality scans.

As for FARE technology, it works impeccably with photos. Still I wouldn’t say that FARE Level 3 is much better than Level 2. The back lighting correction, the main feature of FARE Level 3 as opposed to other levels, is performed automatically, but this is only good for those users who cannot or don’t want to process photographs in Photoshop.

The holders for reflective originals handle the film very carefully and are better than holders included with Epson’s Perfection scanners. As I wrote in my earlier reviews, the Epson holder for medium-format film can only take in one frame and a half whereas the holder included with the CanoScan 8400F allows loading as many as three full frames.

Holders for 35mm film are also better in Canon’s version than in Epson’s. I think this is as an important factor for a scanner of this class as high optical resolution or functional software.

The CanoScan 8400F is going to be a good choice for users who need a good and inexpensive machine for scanning photographs and slides. This scanner is surely worthy of the money you’ll spend for it.


  • Superb scanning quality
  • Functional software
  • Good film holders
  • Good speed
  • Appealing price


  • FARE technology isn’t always correct with films
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