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The 8400F has a cute case made of stiff plastic that resembles the 5200F model in design. A holographic model logo and a FARE Level 3 symbol can be seen on the scanner’s lid.

So, FARE Level 3 is the next level of technology for automatic retouching and enhancement of film scans (there is an analogous technology for photographs called QARE). When this technology is enabled, scanning is done in two passes, one in infrared light. Identified defects like dust or scratches are removed in the final image by the driver, but the intelligent retouching doesn’t end here. For example, the Color Reconstruction option helps make the colors of an old photograph rich and vibrant once again. The Grain Equalization and Management feature reduces the graininess which often occurs on highly sensitive film. FARE Level 3 also corrects the back lighting by intelligently identifying the areas of image that need such correction.

Canon’s CanoScan 8400F has come to replace the 8000F model and brings about such improvements as a new scanning block featuring high digitization speed and performance. The mercury-based fluorescent lamp takes only about 20 seconds to warm up after you’ve turned it on. The warm-up time before pre-scanning is a mere 2 seconds. All this means that scanning is done much faster than before. By the way, there’s a dual fluorescent lamp in the scanner’s carriage.

Like the previous model, this scanner is equipped with four quick scan buttons (Copy, Scan, PDF and E-mail) that are located on its face panel.

The buttons are linked to the scanner’s preinstalled applications and their purpose is clear thanks to the pictures and labels. Each button can be programmed to perform a certain task using the scanner’s software, for example to send the scan right to the printer (to simulate a copier).

The CanoScan 8400F is equipped with USB 2.0 interface which, combined with other technologies, ensures its rather high scanning speed.

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