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The CanoScan 5200F has a cute-looking case made of dark stiff plastic. A holographic logo and a symbol of the FARE technology can be found on the lid. This is a kind of certificate that this technology is employed in this scanner model.

The scanner has four “quick scan” buttons (Copy, Scan, PDF and E-mail) on the front panel for performing typical scanning tasks.

The buttons work with the preinstalled scanner applications and have intuitive names. The exclusive software allows assigning any task of your choosing to any of the buttons.

Using this simple interface any user can quickly set up the quick buttons for his/her particular needs. The functions of the buttons are displayed in the CanoScan Toolbox utility:

When you bind an application to a particular button, the appropriate icon appears in this panel.

The CanoScan 5200F is equipped with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface which, among other things, contributes to the high scanning speed of this model. You’ll see in the test section how high exactly the speed is.

The CanoScan 5200F can scan 35mm film (in strips or in slides) using an additional fluorescent lamp in its lid. The lamp is covered with a protecting sheet that you should remove following the direction of the arrow on it. To digitize a transparent original you must first connect the cable from that additional lamp to the appropriate connector on the scanner’s rear panel. Then, with the protecting sheet removed, you should place the film strip or slide into a holder and make your choices in the scanning program.

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