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NVIDIA’s Integrated Chipset for AMD64 Revealed

FIC, who is today transforming into a maker of barebones from a manufacturer of mainboards, is demonstrating a prototype of its KTMC51G mainboard which is projected to be based on an unannounced NVIDIA’s chipset with integrated graphics core for AMD Athlon 64 processors.

While NVIDIA is tight-lipped over the core-logic code-named C51, some details about the chipset are still available. The C51G is a two-chip value solution for AMD Athlon 64 market. It provides an integrated graphics core, PCI Express x16 slot for add-in graphics cards and can connect to the company’s forthcoming media and communication processors that feature Serial ATA-II, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express x1, FireWire, USB 2.0 as well as other I/O features.

The chipsets are expected to support both Socket 939 and Socket 754 microprocessors with 800MHz and 1000MHz HyperTransort speeds.

FIC currently uses VIA K8M890-based mainboard to “emulate” NVIDIA’s C51 and little is known when NVIDIA manages to deliver a more or less final version of the chipset to its partners among mainboard makers.

It is very likely that the chipset features GeForce 6200-like graphics core which incorporates memory controller enhancements that can reduce the impact high latency memory access, which is a result of memory controller integrated into AMD Athlon 64-series processors. Still some sources suggested that the C51 sports GeForce 4-like integrated graphics unit.

Any official information was unavailable at press time.

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