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Corsair Intros 1066MHz 1GB Modules

Corsair Memory is among the largest producers of memory modules for enthusiasts: it buys chips from companies like Samsung, Infineon, Micron and Elpida and has been on the market for over a decade.

This time Corsair shows off its latest achievement: 1GB DDR2 memory modules operating at 1066MHz (with CAS 5 latency settings) and expected to reach retail within weeks from now. While 1GHz speed-bin is not something new for the market, the new products from Corsair are still unique: all previous 1000MHz memory modules had 512MB capacities, whereas the new models are 1GB versions.


With the introduction of the latest games, such as F.E.A.R., 1GB of system memory is definitely not enough. It is evident that enthusiast-class PCs should have 2GB of memory, but the problem for memory makers is to provide those 2GB of RAM at the maximum speed.

The new Corsair XMS2-8500 solves both problems: it runs at 1066MHz and it has 1GB capacity for 2GB of system memory running at blazing speeds.

Corsair uses 800MHz memory chips that are overclockable to 1066MHz. According to the company, right now pretty a lot of chips with the 800MHz speed-bin are capable of working at much higher speeds, which is a good sign: high yield of chips at 800MHz means that shortly such products will get more affordable. As soon as JEDEC finalizes the final spec for DDR2 800MHz, we can expect official support for such memory modules from companies like AMD and Intel in their processors or chipsets.

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