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OCZ Brings 1100MHz DDR2 Modules

Memory business is akin to oil business: the price of memory chips usually fluctuates significantly depending on the number of chips in the market. On the side of the memory chip manufacturer there is no significant difference between the chips, but there is a huge differentiation for enthusiasts trying to obtain every additional bit of performance. The memory modules business is quite risky itself: you always have to balance the amount of chips in stock, but keep in mind that the prices may fall and you will have to get rid of chips at no profit. One of the solutions to add stability to financial situation is to add product lines which price does not fluctuate depending on market conditions: for instance, memory modules for servers or enthusiasts.

OCZ Technology has both product lines these days: it has Titanium for mission critical applications and various series for performance-starving overclockers.

This year OCZ showcases the fastest memory modules on the planet: the DDR2 that is capable of functioning at 1100MHz with 2.1V voltage. According to OCZ’s Michael Schuette, who is technology chief at the company, the maximum for DDR2 should be something like 1200MHz under normal conditions and providing stable operation, which means that the new modules are pretty close to the limit.

OCZ will start selling its 512MB and 1GB 1066MHz and 1100MHz memory modules by the end of the month. Pricing is still not confirmed, but we can expect premium products to have premium price.


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