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RV570 Revealed: 256-Bit Memory for The Mainstream

ATI Technologies historically had issues with its products designed for the mainstream market: the chips that the company developed were good enough to serve the $100 - $200 range, but when it came to the range between $200 and $300, ATI’s products were behind Nvidia’s in terms of various factors. The source of the problems was the fact that the company tried to develop as small chip as possible, cutting down all functional units. After that Nvidia showed up with a product that was larger in terms of die size, but offering better performance. At the end, to serve this market segment, ATI had to lower the prices on the higher end graphics products, which, perhaps, affected the company’s profit margins negatively.

But the things are going to change with the introduction of the next-generation mainstream graphics chip: the new product will be produced using 80nm process technology, which should ensure its low cost, but, according to some sources within the industry, will have 256-bit memory bus, something that should ensure blazing speeds with full-scene antialiasing enabled and something that is now a prerogative of higher-end boards. In addition to high-speed memory bus the RV570 is expected to have very elevated clock-speeds.

According to performance estimations, the RV570 XT should outperform the Radeon X1800 XT by about 10% in all types of applications, which is not even inline with historical trends: previously the new generation GPUs had similar or a little slower performance compared to the previous high-end graphics cards.

The new RV570-series samples should be available around May, whereas production should start in July or August this year. 
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