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EVGA to Sell Quad SLI Components

Nvidia Corp. said that the quad SLI setups will be available only from system builders initially, however, it does not mean that the technology would be accessible by customers of companies like Alienware. In fact, EVGA, a partner of Nvidia, will have dual-chip graphics cards available as soon as next month, said Hans Wolfram Tismer, the European chief of the company.

Currently the pricing of a single dual-chip graphics card is unknown and even EVGA itself has no ideas about it. It is certain that such a solution will be pretty expensive, but it unclear whether dual-chip board will cost the same amount of money as two single-chip graphics cards.

What is interesting to note about quad SLI is that Nvidia is promoting it without giving any concrete details, still, the interest towards the technology is pretty high. Quad SLI is also a product which will be sold without any published reviews: buyers who get it will have to buy something that they do not even know and something that nobody even tried!

Nvidia’s Ujesh Desai claims that the market of quad SLI systems is “tens of thousands of units” per month, meanwhile, Mr. Tismer implied that the first batch of dual-chip graphics cards at EVGA will be 300 units. Also, Asustek Computer has been selling 2000 units of dual-chip GeForce 7900 GT boards for months now.

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