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Albatron Does ?ber-Overclocking and Lifetime Warranty

Albatron has been around for some years now, but being a relatively small company it is not easy to attract a lot of attention of performance-demanding users as companies like Asustek put tremendous amounts of efforts into publicity. As a result of that Albatron has been practically absent from high-margin market of enthusiast-class products so far. In an attempt to actually sell something that attracts performance fans Albatron has developed a mainboard featuring digital clock-generator and very advanced microprocessor power supply circuitry.

The new PX975X motherboard is based on the Intel 975X chipset, has amazing amount of special features and comes with another unique feature for the mainboard market: it has lifetime warranty.

Some sources in the industry claim that Intel’s processors code-named Conroe have higher performance compared to AMD’s solutions, which is why a mainboard that supports Conroe may be more attractive to enthusiasts compared to platforms for AMD microprocessors. While Albatron is vague about Conroe support by PX975X, the insiders within the company said that the new chip will in fact be supported.

Albatron says that mainboards with digital clock-generator from Timelab have higher overclocking potential compared to ordinary motherboards. The company said that an Intel Pentium 4 3.40GHz processor can be overclocked up to 4250MHz using air cooling on the new Albatron PX975X mainboard, whereas the same chip on a typical platform runs at about 3910MHz when overclocked. Certainly, part of that advantage comes from improved CPU power like the digital clock-generator is very forward-looking too, everything is going digital at the end of the day.

Albatron currently hires 80 engineers in its mainboard division, not a lot fewer compared to Abit, for example. The company is trying hard to concentrate on high-end market, as this is the one that is relatively stable and bring very high profit margins, something that every company would like to have.

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