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SiS Preps DDR3 Chipset in 2006

Silicon Integrated Systems has been designing chipsets for decades now and has always been a provider of core-logic solutions for mainstream and low-cost PCs. But the company is also known for its attempts to enter the market of very high-end chipsets that target performance-conscious enthusiasts: the firm developed its R659 chipset about three years ago in an attempt to use Rambus memory for lighting fast gaming systems.

Nowadays RDRAM is essentially dead for desktops, but there are more promising technologies. DDR3, for example. According to SiS, the new SiS665 chipset for Intel processors that is currently supposed to come out in Q4 this year will support DDR3 memory, the DRAM type of the pretty distant future.

So far no details are known regarding the chipset and supported speed-bins of the DDR3. Moreover, after talking to memory module makers, we discovered that in spite of some estimations, nobody is planning to release DDR3 earlier than in 2008, two years from now. It is unclear whether SiS actually hopes that at least one memory and module maker starts to produce DDR3 DIMMs, but we do know that in the past expectations regarding of support of unpopular/not broadly available memory did not turn into success.

In addition to SiS there is another chipset designer, ATI Technologies (whose technology chief is also the chairman of JEDEC), plans to unveil a core-logic that supports DDR3 in 2006.

It is unknown whether the idea to use DDR3 memory already in 2006 will turn into something valuable, but so far the main pusher of new technologies, Intel Corp. plans to produce a chipset that can work with DDR3 only in 2008.

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