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HIS Improves ICE Cooling

HIS is renowned for its graphics cards with utterly quiet cooling solutions from Arctic Cooling. The company has been producing such products for several years now and users who desire to purchase something that does not create too much noise, but still provides decent cooling, know that HIS has a suitable product for them.

At CeBIT show HIS unveiled its new cooling system for high-end graphics cards called IceQ 3. The IceQ concept is not new: it features a high-quality fan located on the backside of the graphics card and exhausting heat outside the computer case. IceQ is a dual-slot cooling system, so, in addition to a quality fans, graphics cards get a well-built radiator that cools down both chip and memory.

While the IceQ 3 is generally similar to its predecessors, it obtained a heat-pipe that should ensure even better cooling and, consequently, higher overclocking potential. According to the company, the new IceQ 3 can have up to 10C degrees advantage over typical Radeon X1900 XTX cooling, an impressive difference.

Graphics cards featuring the new IceQ 3 cooling solution will be available for sale within the following weeks. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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