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Foxconn Leaps Forward

Foxconn used to be a solely OEM manufacturer, but several years ago the company decided to address the channel market as well, simply because there was simply no more space for growth in the OEM business. Being not very aggressive in terms of advertising just two CeBITs ago, the producer ended up having much larger booth than Asustek Computer this year and showing products that attract close attention of all audiences.

Foxconn announced that it would add a family of graphics cards into its product lineup in 2006, a major step for the company and also a threat for smaller makers. The company is currently negotiating with graphics chips designers ATI Technologies and Nvidia Corp. in regards the supplies and is expected to announce its selection later this spring.

Yet another achievement of the company is demonstration of a mainboard with all-digital power supply circuitry for microprocessor. Foxconn says this will ensure more stable and higher-quality power supply for the CPU, which seems logical: power supply circuitries are becoming more and more complex these days and usage of digital components should ease the situation for mainboard makers a bit.

Foxconn is known for its cooling systems for OEMs, however, at this time the company showed off its lineup of coolers designed for channel market in general and computer enthusiasts in particular. It is important to point out, however, that the coolers from Foxconn will be much more affordable compared to devices by companies like Zalman and CoolerMaster while still be capable of offering similar performance.

The new cooling solutions for CPUs resemble those from companies like Zalman: they feature very thin copper fins and heat-pipes. While there are not a lot of technical details about those coolers, the special thing about them is the way that heat-pipes are attached to the fins: the company said that there is a special type of soldering with some unusual chemicals involved.

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