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FIC Offers Viiv Mac Mini Rival

It has been quiet at FIC for a while now as a result of the company’s switch of the business model. Originally, FIC used to be a manufacturer of mainboards, but the competition on the motherboard market is so intense that the firm decided to make the whole systems instead: while this adds complexity when it comes to having components from other parties (e.g., microprocessors or memory), it provides some more opportunities to differentiate itself for the others. Unfortunately, so far FIC did not get significant traction in the market of systems and it still does a lot of OEM products these days. Nevertheless, FIC still has some amazing systems to show off at the world’s largest computer fair.

Small form-factor systems from companies like Shuttle have been pretty popular for years now, but with the introduction of Apple’s Mac mini ultra small form-factor received huge publicity, which is why AOpen and Shuttle currently try to penetrate that market as well. In an attempt to attract attention of multimedia fans and offer a rival to products like Mac mini, FIC has introduced its GE2, a stylish ultra small form-factor system which will sell under Intel Viiv moniker.

FIC’s GE2 resembles Mac mini quite significantly: it is based on Intel 945GM chipset with built-in graphics core and dual-channel DDR2 667MHz memory support. The system can be equipped with dual-core Intel Core Duo processors that should ensure world-class performance. Also, the FIC GE2 comes with built-in 802.11a/b/g wireless network controller as well as other necessary communication features.

Even though the GE2 seems to be pretty powerful, the main idea behind the computer is s its design. It is very stylish, sleek, small and attractive, it can easily become a part of the living room or a workplace for a person who demands style. Unfortunately, it will hardly be suitable for occasional gamers, as integrated graphics core is not really powerful. But nevertheless, the motto of the GE2 is the style, not the performance or features.

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