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Club3D Cools It with Water

We reported a day ago that Sapphire was the only one to cool-down the Radeon X1900 XTX with a liquid-cooling solution. We were wrong: there is also Club3D, which has been testing water-cooling since the CeBIT 2004, who is going to sell Radeon X1900-series liquid-cooling-ready graphics cards sometime soon.

Club3D will supply a water-block capable of cooling down Radeon X1800- and X1900-series graphics cards along with selected products, but will not provide the water pump itself, which, on the one hand, adds some flexibility to experienced users, but, on the other hand, appends more complexity to novices, therefore, latest Sapphire Blizzard’s concept “liquid-cooling for dummies” does not work here.

Club3D’s liquid-cooling design also has one more advantage for computer enthusiasts: it can be used not only with graphics cards based on the Radeon X1800- or X1900-family design, but with graphics boards featuring next-generation ATI chips as well, according to the company. In order to more precisely attach the heat-spreader to the GPU, it has some kind of mechanism that allows a couple of millimeters fluctuation, something which is dramatically necessary given the differences in the height of memory and graphics chips.

Pricing of the liquid-cooling-ready Club3D Radeon X1800- and X1900-series graphics cards with is not yet set.

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