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Cooler Master, Thermaltake Water-Cool Multi-GPU

We have to admit that multi-GPU technologies are perfect for the high-end market and those who demand tomorrow’s performance today. There are some issues associated with dual graphics cards setups: we need to cool-down graphics cards properly while keeping noise levels at low levels, something which is not easy to do in some cases.

For enthusiasts who use two graphics cards and want to have efficient cooling with additional overlocking potential and relatively low noise levels, companies like Cooler

Master and Thermaltake have developed special cooling solutions that are easy to install and that are not too bulky.

The concept of Thermaltake’s and CoolerMaster’s liqud-cooling solutions for dual-GPU setups resemble the well-known TideWater: the pump and the liquid tank are located compactly in a special case that can be installed into any spare add-in card slot just like a typical board. The water-blocks are compatible with contemporary GeForce and Radeon graphics cards, which is pretty convenient for the end users.


The new Thermaltake TideWater Plus for dual graphics cards system features the same adjustable fan (1700rpm and 3000rpm modes) and water pump that is used in the TideWater, but comes with two water-blocks instead of one. The price of the novelty should be something around $150.

Cooler Master’s Aquagate Viva is a bit more flexible and advanced compared to Thermlatake’s TideWater Plus. It comes with two fans both of which can be detached and also has places for two more fans to ensure even better cooling performance.

In addition, Aquagate Viva features a special alarm device which beeps whenever water tubes are not installed properly or are bend or stretched in a dangerous way. It remains to be seen whether such alarm device will really help to improve reliability of liquid-cooling solutions, especially keeping in mind that it actually adds more links of water pipes, which means additional risk of spillage.

We do not know when the Aquate Viva reach stores and what the price will be like. Moreover, we would expect Cooler Master to add more special features to it, e.g., fan-speed controllers.

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