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Hiper Unveils 730W Power Supply

As said before, high-performance PSUs are not a luxury, but something really necessary for performance-demanding users. To address those who plan to build ultra-high end computer, Hiper, a well-known maker of power supply units and various other accessories introduced at CeBIT its new 730W PSU: HPU-4x730 with Omnigrid II technology.


As the name implies, the HPU-4x730 was designed for systems with several consumers of 12V rails: it features 4 independent 12V rails and two dedicated PCI Express power connectors. HPU-4x730 also provides P4 and P8 connectors for users with motherboard that requires P8 connection.

Like many high-end PSUs these days, Hiper’s HPU-4x730 features modular connectors, which allows users to detach unnecessary cables easily. But unlike the others, the new product from Hiper comes in stainless steel case, not aluminum box.

The 730W power supply unit from Hiper will be available next month, according to the maker. Unfortunately, pricing is not yet completely clear.

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