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EVGA Unveils Dual-GPU GeForce 6200 Graphics Card

EVGA has been around for years now, but being concentrated on the U.S. market, the company was not really well-known across the world. But recently the firm decided to enter the European market as well, which reflected in increase of the product shipments, in March the company will supply already 150 thousand graphics cards, and in broadening of product portfolio.

Shortly EVGA will address the market of professionals who use multi-monitor setups with its graphics cards that features two GeForce 6200-series chips on it. The chips are certainly not in the SLI mode, but this product is not about performance in 3D games, but about providing users with up to 4 monitor capability along with some latest features like PureVideo while still maintaining compatibility with PCI bus.

Even the latest Quadro NVS graphics card uses GeForce4 MX-series processors that not only do not comply to DirectX 9 speds, but even do not feature DirectX 8 functionality. For the sake of truth, it is necessary to note that ATI’s FireMV products also do not sport decent 3D feature-set. While this does not seem to be a problem now, when Windows Vista operating systems comes out, the outdated hardware will not be able to use the maximal functionality of Vista’s interface, as it requires support for DirectX 9 pixel shaders.

Not complying with next-generation operating system is certainly not a problem for large enterprises, who never upgrade operating systems along, but some smaller companies may be interested in multi-monitor configurations along with Vista support in future. This is the market that the EVGA’s dual-chip GeForce 6200 graphics card targets.

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