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Galaxy Installs Zalman on GeForce Boards

Historically Nvidia did not allow its partners among graphics cards suppliers a lot flexibility in terms of designing their products differently compared to reference designs. However, the competition on the market is so fierce right now that Nvidia lets its partners to differentiate themselves somehow. The outcome is that we have more and more interesting and even unique products coming.

One of the very attractive graphics cards that were demonstrated at CeBIT were Galaxy’s GeForce 7600 GT with passive cooling as well as GeForce 7900 GT and GeForce 7300-series graphics cards with a cooling systems from Zalman. Both are designed to offer maximum performance while still being very quiet.

The Galaxy’s GeForce 7600 GT’s passive cooler features pretty simple design: it has two heat-pipes and many very thin fins made of aluminum. As a result of not using copper, the cooler itself is very lightweight. It remains to be seen whether it still cools down the GeForce 7600 GT chip with enough efficiency by itself, or an additional low-speed fan can be recommended, but we do know that in the past mainstream GPUs could easily be cooled-down using passive coolers.

The GeForce 7900 GT is expected to have performance similar to the GeForce 7800 GTX, but at much lower cost and thermals. Still, the GeForce 7900 GT with Zalman VF900 cooler from Galaxy is the only one at the show.

Zalman VF900 is a successor of the VF-series coolers for graphics cards, but it has a tangible advantage over the previous incarnations: it features heat-pipes that transfer heat from the base plate to upper side of the radiator’s fins, which should ensure very high efficiency. The VF900 and, consequently, Galaxy GeForce 7900 GT graphics card comes with 90mm fan which speed can be adjusted in the range between 1350 – 2400rpm using fan mate 2 device.

Those, who do not want to have necessary the highest performance, but still efficient cooling and some overclocking potential, may find GeForce 7300-series graphics cards with Zalman coolers attractive. However, the market for graphics cards that are supposed to be affordable, but come with rather expensive cooling systems from Zalman, is relatively limited.

Galaxy is a Hong-Kong, China-based graphics cards supplier that is not particularly well-known outside Europe or Asia, but with this kind of interesting products the company may face demand for its graphics cards from other parts of the world as well.

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