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Cooler Master Shows Off World’s Biggest Cooler

As a result of continuous increasing in CPU power consumption, cooling down the hot chips becomes pretty complex task, as users of premium components tend to demand better performance and quieter operation at the same time, which makes the life of cooling system designers pretty hard.

In an attempt to create an ultimate cooler, developers from Cooler Master have designed the RR-CCH-Anui-GP which is so large that it can carry on two 12cm fans and feature 6 copper heat-pipes. The cooler is compatible with both LGA775 and Socket 939, but it is uncertain whether it will also be able to cool-down Socket AM2 processors at this point. The new model should find home in enthusiast-class PCs that feature overclocked processors with thermal dissipation of 150W and beyond.

The big advantage this master of coolers has over its competitors is its ability to cool-down not only the CPU itself, but also microprocessor power supply circuitry along with graphics card with the airflows that its two large fans create. Usually, big fans work at pretty low speeds, hence, the new cooler is not expected to be too loud.

Given that the RR-CCH-Anui-GP is made of aluminum and features copper base plate, its weight is not too extreme, even though it is definitely not a light-weight cooler.

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