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Leather Collection from Asustek

Asustek Computer has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade. The company had revenue of $228 million back in the year 1995 and in 2006 the maker projects to have $15 billion in earnings. There are several reasons why Asustek has been enjoying incredible growth every year, including overall computer market growth, continued investment in manufacturing capacities and, of course, high quality of its products.

Notebook business currently accounts for 31% of Asustek’s revenue and is currently the largest business of the company. Certainly, a very significant part of those machines is produced for other companies, however, Asus is working very hard to address the high-end markets with its own-brand notebooks, trying to offer very attractive design and rich feature-set.

In fact, Asusdesign team established back in 2001 is a very important division within the company, which implies that the manufacturer is very serious in its attempts of getting to the market of products which main value is design. We do know that companies like Nokia and Motorola can charge much more for their phones compared to companies like LG or Siemens-BenQ because of their design and reliability, hence, having stylish outlook is crucially important for revenues and profit margins.

The ongoing trend is that notebooks tend to become fashionable accessories, rather than tools for business. We already tested Asus S5200N laptop several years ago and found it very stylish, but at this CeBIT show Asus introduced a lineup of notebooks in with leather on their enclosures, something which is only available from a couple of companies around the world.


At CeBIT 2006 Asus unveiled its S6 Leather and W6 Leather machines, both of which are pretty compact. What is spectacular about the Leather series from Asus is that the company provides other accessories similar by design along with the notebooks.


The W6 Leather flavour comes with 13.3” screen and weighs only around 1.86 kilograms. The laptop is based on the Intel 915GM core-logic, supports DDR2 memory and Intel Pentium M “Dothan” processors with 533MHz processor system bus and 2MB cache.


The S6 Leather is a totally new product from Asustek and we do not know much details about it yet, but what we do know is that it will have ultra low-voltage Intel Core processors, new Intel 945GM-series chipset, about 12” screen, up to 100GB HDD, wireless LAN capability, SD card reader and so on. The case of the laptop will be made of aluminum, which is pretty nice as well. The style does not come at low price, though: the rumoured cost for this laptop is about $3000.

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