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MSI Feeds Notebooks, MP3 Players with Solar Power

All portable electronic devices have limited battery life, but some have it a bit longer, some – a bit shorter. While 35 hours of battery life for the Sapphire Ivory player is definitely spectacular, how about having a laptop or a music player with endless battery life? MSI has got something that may be interesting to you!

At CeBIT 2006 show MSI unveiled prototype of a notebook with solar power cells as well as its Mega 540 player that utilizes solar power to play music.

Unfortunately, the notebook is in the early stage of development right now and we have no idea when it is going to be available and what kind of components it will use. Judging by the design, the laptop can hardly be expected to launch shortly from now.

But the MP3 player that the company showcased is already nearly here: it works and works pretty fine. Charging of the battery which is enough to playback music only takes seconds, even considering that the player uses hard disk drive and colour screen!

Regrettably, we do not know when the product will be available and what the price will look like. But based on the virtually finalized design of the gadget and the fact that MSI demos its live, we would expect that the Mega 540 player with solar cell is a something to be released commercially in the short-term. It remains to be seen, however, whether solar cell is actually as good for MP3 players as it is for other devices, such as pocket calculators.

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