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DDR2 800MHz Becomes Official?

We already mentioned in our CeBIT day 1 coverage that more and memory chip manufacturers ship DDR2 devices officially capable of working at 800MHz frequency, we have already reported some time ago that AMD64 processors with built-in DDR2 memory controller have appropriate dividers to clock memory at 800MHz. So, what is holding PC2 6400 memory from breaking into the market in 2006?

Probably the lack of support from Intel Corp., whose latest Intel 975X chipset only supports dual-channel PC2 5300 (DDR2 667MHz) memory. But is there a lack of support actually? As one representative for a memory module manufacturer said, “JEDEC would ratify the PC2 6400 standard when Intel wants it.” And an Intel representative said that the DDR2 800MHz JEDEC standard has been finalized, which means that it is only a matter of time before the DDR2 in its 800MHz incarnation becomes an official standard.


Probably, mainboard makers know something that we do not, as there are several companies, including Abit Computer, Asustek Technology and Gigabyte, who demonstrated their Intel 975X- and Intel 965-based mainboards with “unofficial” support for 800MHz or even higher speed-bins dual-channel DDR2 memory, an interesting thing to consider.

But here is one more fact to think about. We do know that Intel’s code-named Conroe processors in their Extreme Edition incarnation will use 1333MHz processor system bus. Theoretically, dual-channel 667MHz memory should be enough to feed the chip with the data. Nevertheless, another maker of high-performance memory module maker implied that Intel is expected to officially support PC2 6400 already this year. Could it be Intel 975XE?

While the unofficial information may change in the last minute, the competition in the market of microprocessors for desktops is so high that any means of gaining performance may be accepted.

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