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PDP Demos World’s Largest SD Card and Flash Drive

Patriot Memory is definitely not a new company on the memory module market and users, who are particularly interested in the advanced memory modules, know the brand pretty well already. The company is certainly less known for its flash business, probably because flash memory products are not promoted as widely as high-speed memory modules. But at CeBIT 2006 PDP Systems, the owner of Patriot Memory brand-name, showcased 8GB secure digital card, absolutely largest SD card in the world as well as the world’s largest USB flash disc.

Unfortunately, such a demonstration can only be considered as the proof of the company’s technological excellence, rather than a product that is really required by the market. The majority of devices that use SD cards, such as digital cameras, cannot address more than 2GB of memory, moreover, even 2GB cards cost pretty a lot and are not tremendously required even for 8MP cameras. Therefore, it will be sometime till 8GB cards will enter the scene.

But Patriot has one more interesting product in its booth: 8GB USB flash drive. Even though people hardly carry that lot of data from one place to another, such a drive can be used as a standalone drive for storing mission critical information, or even for back up purposes.

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