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The Jaws: OCZ Demos a Way to Control a PC Using Your Brain… or Jaws

OCZ Technology, a company that ships memory modules and power supplies, has been targeting gamers and computer enthusiasts for years now. But only this year the company decided to release a product clearly aimed at gamers.

At CeBIT 2007 OCZ demonstrates a device that can control processes in a videogame based on the movements of face muscles. To shoot, you need to move your jaws, to strafe, you need to close an eye. It seems that the technology is exciting, but only for occasional gamers since it’s not a good idea sitting near a PC closing your eyes and making moves like you were chewing a bubble gum…

Still, the device is pretty easy to set up and it works pretty well. It is projected to be launched in Q4 for the sub-$300 price.

10:1: MSI Shows Off Nvidia’s Mainstream DirectX 10 Graphics Offerings

The company which was the first to publicly say that it demonstrates the GeForce 6800 behind the closed doors at CeBIT 2004 is here again: MSI demonstrates graphics cards based on the G84 and G86 graphics processors from Nvidia Corp. at the exhibition.

No questions asked, no benchmarks ran, but the boards are here and they are demonstrated to show off MSI’s ability to ship Nvidia GeForce 8-based mainstream DirectX 10 graphics processors.

Nvidia allows its partners to manufacture mainstream-class graphics boards and does not provide them already made boards for reselling, like it does with the high-end of its product portfolio. Given that an add-in card partner is capable of displaying the products already made by it, it means that Nvidia by now has the chips in production and it is capable to unveil them in mid-April or early May to ramp up the revenue share of DX 10 parts up, just like its management promised several weeks ago.

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