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Quantity Matters: Sapphire Demos Dual-GPU Graphics Card

Sapphire Technology continues to show off its dual-GPU Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card at CeBIT show. The exception between today’s demonstration and the demo at Consumer Electronics show back in January is that this time the company is close enough to ship the finished product.

Officials for the company say that Sapphire will the dual-GPU board sometime in April, 2007 at a price-point that is close to two Radeon X1950 Pro graphics boards. Unfortunately for Sapphire and, hopefully, fortunately for ATI/AMD, the next-generation code-named ATI R600 graphics processing unit is going to be released commercially either in April or May. The R600 will inevitably steal attention from Sapphire’s dual-GPU graphics board as it supports DirectX 10 and is supposed to have performance higher than today’s high-end offerings.

Sapphire spokespersons claim that since the R600 will be priced at significantly higher price-points compared to the dual-GPU Radeon X1950 Pro, the latter will still be in demand, as its performance is supposed to be higher compared to the Radeon X1950 XTX. However, there are already GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS models that are sold at decent price points and the vast majority of end-users would prefer to have a single-chip offering rather than a dual one.

Render Worth a Thousand of Words: Art Lebedev Shows Off Pictures of Maximus

Artemiy Lebedev’s studio is continuing to ramp up the interest towards its computer peripherals using a small booth inside a hall that is crowded with such items as coolers, keyboards, computer cases, speakers and other kind of peripherals.

The booth of Art Lebedev is easy to pass by: it is designed in pretty humble styles of the leading design studio in Russia. Despite expectations, the Art Lebedev studio and its chief Artemy Lebedev show off… the final renders of the keyboard that is expected to be available in the later part of 2007.

“You said that you were showing off the Optimus keyboard here…” I asked him.

“We are showing the pictures,” he calmly responded.

The Maximus is the name that the design studio uses to refer to the product known as the Optimus 103. Perhaps, the keyboard that was among the top vaporware products in 2006 according to Wired magazine will be released in late 2007, but right now Art Lebedev has nothing to show apart from its mini-three keypad and a strangely designed mouse.

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