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Fast and Furious: Corsair and OCZ Show Off 1.30GHz, 1.40GHz DDR2

While DDR3 is near, it is not yet available and the there are performance enthusiasts, who are always on the leading edge, who want to have tomorrow’s performance today. For them OCZ is preparing 1.40GHz DDR2 memory modules, which are supposed to be faster compared to DDR3 at 1333MHz.

OCZ’s technology chief Michael Schuette said last year that 1200MHz was the limit for DDR2, but now the company can ships even 1400MHz memory, as actual DRAM devices have evolved and so have memory module suppliers’ abilities to pick up the fastest ones.

It is evident that far not all processors and chipsets can handle 1.40GHz memory, hence, currently OCZ is considering whether to certify only certain mainboards for work with the modules, like it did in the past with several of its memory sticks and motherboards from Asustek Computer and Digital Flower Industries (DFI).


At present DDR2 is used by the vast majority of new computers and it is obvious that it will continue to evolve, just like the DDR evolved after the DDR2 was unveiled. Therefore, 1.40GHz clock-speed is, most likely, not the highest speed-bin of DDR2 and there is a good chance that we will see even faster memory modules with some tweaks from chipset designers to allow speeds above 1.30GHz.

In fact, Corsair Memory is already showcasing its 1250MHz Dominator memory modules running at around 1.30GHz with Nvidia’s nForce 680i-based mainboard from Asustek. Since 1.33GHz DDR3 is a couple of quarters away, we will almost surely see another DRAM clock-speed race between Corsair, OCZ and other leading suppliers of high-speed memory.

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