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Size Matters: Albatron Has mini-ITX for AM2 CPUs on Display

There is always a tradeoff between performance, size, power consumption and other aspects of personal computers. If you need to have really high performance, it means that you have to use a large computer, which is usually noisy and which consumes a lot of power. But Albatron seems to have solved the problem at least partly.

The company, which market presence is not really visible these days, has unveiled a mini-ITX mainboard for AM2 form-factor microprocessors based on AMD 690 core-logic at CeBIT 2007 show.

Albatron KI690-AM2 has everything which is needed to make a proper personal computer, even a home theater one. The motherboard is loaded with HDMI, 7.1-channel audio, Gigabit Ethernet and integrated DirectX 9 graphics core (Radeon X700 technology-based). The only concern is that to build a PC on the KI690-AM2, end-users (or system integrators) have to use SO-DIMMs, which were originally designed for notebooks and which are more expensive than typical memory modules. On the other hand, this is one of a few mini-ITX mainboards on the market for AM2 processors and if someone wants to have a relatively high-performance small form-factor PC, more expensive memory is a luxury that he or she is has to afford.

Even though the mainboard can support various AM2 form-factor processors, sizes of mini-ITX computer cases are so small that a chip with maximum 65W thermal design power should be recommended for use along with it. But given that there are AMD Athlon 64 5200+ processors with 65W TDP these days, even performance-hungry users should be satisfied with the PC, which is as large as a box of CDs or DVDs.

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