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DirectX 10 for Free: MSI Displays Nvidia’s DX10 Chipset for Intel Processors

It is known that Nvidia’s executives announced intention to enter the market of chipsets with integrated graphics cores that support processors by Intel Corp. several months ago. But since the market of chipsets for Intel’s chips is the venue for cut-throat fights between different chipset designers, analysts tend to think that the world’s largest developer of discrete graphics processors will tend to announce the low-cost Intel solution at the latest time possible so that not to lower its gross margins. While it is definitely unknown when Nvidia makes the announcement, but the company already seems to have a chipset with DirectX 10 graphics core for Intel’s chips.

MSI’s P6NGM mainboard is the only motherboard on the display at CeBIT based on Nvidia’s nForce chipset for Intel’s processors with DirectX 10 graphics core. Even though the mainboard is supposed to be an affordable one, it still has rather powerful capabilities. It supports forthcoming Intel Core 2 Duo processors with 1333MHz processor system bus, it can be equipped with two 800MHz DDR2 memory modules, it has four Serial ATA connectors, it features a PCI Express x16 slot for graphics cards, it has 7.1 audio and even an HDMI connector.

While the price of the product is unknown, Nvidia’s next-generation DirectX 10 chipset for Intel processors looks so attractive that it can easily pose competition to AMD’s 690 core-logic in terms of multimedia features. Intel’s Core 2 processors in general have higher performance compared to AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 chips and AMD’s 690 chipset still does not support DirectX 10 graphics features and HD video acceleration, something that the customers would like to have these days.

Since MSI’s P6NGM comes in micro-ATX form-factor, it can be used as a base for a home-theater personal computer and given that it is ready for full-HD video playback, it may become one of the greatest options for multimedia enthusiasts.

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