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I Need Speed: Corsair Offers 4GB Memory Kit at 1111MHz

It’s not a secret that memory volume of a personal computer (PC) affects end-user’s productivity much more than any other component of the computer, as it is pretty difficult to keep attention on the working process while operating system loads data from HDD most of the time stopping your workflow. But there are situations when performance of memory itself is also critical, for instance, in games.

Unfortunately, there is always a trade-off between the volume of memory and its clock-speed, as high-capacity chips as well as large numbers of chips are harder to set up working at a high clock-speed. But Corsair Memory has managed to find a way out and is gearing up to unveil 1111MHz 4GB memory kit that consists of two 2GB memory modules.

System running Corsair two Twin2X2048-8888C4DF memory modules.
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Despite of pretty high frequency and capacity, the modules can function at 1066MHz with CL4 4-4-12 latency settings at 2.5V (they are labeled as PC2-8888, or 1111MHz, but the company has not provided latency settings for that clock-speed).

Specifications of the system with 4GB of 1066MHz/1111MHz memory.
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The solution still requires active cooling, which adds noise, but the fans for Dominator memory modules are not very loud, so there should hardly be any complains about the noise levels.

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