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Size is Everything: Sharp Shows Off 108” LCD TV, 205” TV Unveiled

When LG Electronics and Panasonic introduced their 103” plasma panels in early 2006 it was more than impressive, as plasma has much better quality compared to projectors and the size of two and a half meters with 1080p resolution would for sure satisfy consumers seeking for extreme sizes and quality. But time goes on and this year Sharp and TecnoVision introduced even larger televisions.

At CeBIT 2007 Sharp Electronics demonstrated its Aquos 108” LCD TV, which is several inches larger compared to Panasonic’s 103” plasma TV available today.

108" Sharp Aquos LCD TV. Click to enlarge

Even though technical specifications of the new television are not officially proclaimed, representatives for Sharp believe that the TV will have even better contrast ratio than plasma screens. Pansonic’s 103” plasma television has contrast ratio of 4000:1, while Sharp’s 52” offering currently features 3000:1 contrast ratio, meaning that at this moment Sharp has a lot of space for improvement. Still, already now image quality of 108” LCD is very sharp and very bright, which may result in the absolutely best TV on the market when it is out.

The ultra-large Aquos is projected to ship towards the middle of the year, however, its pricing, just like specifications, remain unknown. The 108” Aquos TV is aimed at customers seeking for very high-end devices made with no limits in mind, e.g., Arabian sheikhs or other very rich persons.

TecnoVision is a producer of giant LED screens from Italy who installed large screens for the World Cup 2006 in different cities across the globe. It is not a surprise that a company focused on creating huge screens for stadiums can produce a television with 205”, or about five meters, in diagonal.

205" TecnoVision Luxio LED TV. Click to enlarge

The firm is also pretty tight-lipped over specifications of its Luxio-branded 150”, 175” 205”, but the alarming facts are that the company only claims about compatibility with “HD Ready” requirements of EICTA (minimum resolution requirement is 720p, not 1080p) without disclosing the actual maximum resolution and demonstration of the screen using a cartoon (cartoons do not need high resolutions and other superior features of contemporary televisions). No information about pricing or availability was released during the show.

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