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WateR600fall: Thermaltake Displays Water-Block for ATI R600

While some sources close to ATI Technologies back in mid-2006 were sure that the company would demonstrate the whole DirectX 10 lineup at CeBIT 2007, even the high-end water-marked R600-based graphics cards were shown behind the closed doors, whereas the RV610 and RV630 were nowhere to be seen.

So while some companies are demonstrating a new demo with Ruby, the others were able to show an improved cooling system for the product expected to be released this spring.

Thermaltake water-blocks for ATI R600 (above) and Nvidia G80 (below).
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Thermaltake, the company which has been offering easy-to-use liquid cooling systems for graphics cards running ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce graphics chips for nearly two years now, plans to release its TMG AT L.C.S. 4 cooler for the R600 as soon as the appropriate graphics cards hit the market.

Backside of Thermaltake's water-block for ATI/AMD R600.
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Representatives for the company are tight-lipped about thermal performance of the cooler, the water-block itself does not look much different when compared to L.C.S. 4 for Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics boards, therefore, we can expect that the R600 will have more or less similar power consumption with the G80.

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