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The Last Survivor: Corsair Has Bullet-Proof USB Flash Sticks

Flash memory cards are very useful for transferring data while traveling without a notebook: they are small and they can store a lot of information. But due to their sizes they easily get lost inside bags and can be broken by other things. In an attempt to prevent flash cards from physical influence of other items or inappropriate treatment, Corsair unveiled its Flash Voyager memory sticks in rubber enclosure several years ago and updated the family with Flash Voyager GT, which has higher speed, several weeks ago.

Even though the Flash Voyager is definitely rugged enough to survive in tough circumstances, there are probably situations when even its rubber protection would fail, for instance, in case of usage on a construction site. Specifically for markets that require extreme reliability, Corsair has announced the new Survivor-series flash memory sticks that basically have double metal casing, something which is not usually present on USB sticks. Stainless steel enclosure of Corsair Survivor is so thick that it is very hard to break it, while rubber parts of the casing are supposed to prevent water from getting inside the USB stick.

Corsair Survivor 8GB USB memory stick. Click to enlarge

The capacity of Survivor memory modules is up to 8GB and with this capacity it can function at the same speeds as Flash Voyager GT (read speed up to 34MB/s, write speed up to 28MB/s).

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