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High Definition on The Go and on The Ride: Toshiba Shows HD DVD Notebooks, Car Video

The format war between the Blu-ray disc (BD) and HD DVD is far from over with the game industry – thanks to PlayStation 3 – on the side of BD and the computer industry – thanks to several computer makers and relatively affordable HD DVD drives from Toshiba – on the side of HD DVD.

At CeBIT 2007 Toshiba demonstrated numerous mobile computers featuring HD DVD drives, an HD DVD player for living rooms from a not really well-known manufacturer as well as a car audio/video HD DVD player from Alpine, a maker of advanced car electronics, along with a special 11” screen that can be used in cars and which is claimed to feature a high-def resolution.

Alpine car HD DVD player. Click to enlarge

The Alpine HD DVD player along with appropriate display are especially remarkable, as currently cars use DVD technology and with HD DVD inside not only for watching movies, but for audio as well, the format will indisputably get an advantage over Blu-ray. Perhaps, Panasonic and Pioneer are also preparing car audio systems with BDs, but so far neither of the firms talked about them publicly.

Venturer SHD7000 HD DVD player. Click to enlarge

The SHD7000 player for living rooms from Venturer company was also a bit of a surprise, as this is the first HD DVD player from a not very popular maker of consumer electronics. Probably, this was supposed to be a signal by Toshiba that HD DVD is following the footprints of DVD and will quickly become adopted by numerous Chinese manufacturers who will then flood the world with HD DVD players for $50 - $100 per unit.

In addition to presenting a game console, a car audio/video system and a potentially low-cost HD DVD player, Toshiba also showcased laptops from nine manufacturers that feature HD DVDs. Some of those systems, nevertheless, may come either with competing Blu-ray, for example Asus demonstrated its W1J with a BD drive in its own booth.

HP Pavilion dv9000t. Click to enlarge

Samsung M55. Click to enlarge

Asustek W1J. Click to enlarge

Toshiba Qosmio G30-177. Click to enlarge

Targa Traveller 1577 x2. Click to enlarge

Rock Xtreme ctx pro. Click to enlarge

Prestigio Avanti 1770W. Click to enlarge

Gateway NX860 XL. Click to enlarge

Acer Ferrari 5000. Click to enlarge

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