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Total Transfer: Abit Reveals Wireless Audio Device

Once used to be the overclockers’ No.1 brand, Abit now has to try to tap into to market of gamers and consumers to stay in the business, as extreme overclockers tend to use motherboards from Asustek Computer of even DFI.

At the trade fair in Hannover, Abit demonstrated a new consumer oriented product that lets to transfer audio from a computer to any audio equipment device using WLAN. While the idea is hardly a new one, the company thinks that it has the right combination of features and technology, as its AirPace can not only transmit music using Wi-Fi, but can also control the playback process, something that previous-generation devices of this kind lacked.

Abit AirPace requires the company’s PCI Express x1 wireless network controller to be installed in a PC along with special software (shipped with AirPace) that streams music using Wi-Fi networks. End-users then can connect the AirPace to any piece of audio equipment and control the playback using a special remote.

The AirPace allows to playback music collection from a PC on stereo system in a living room, which may be useful for many. However, the price of Abit AirPace and PCIe x1 network controller should be affordable enough, as if end-users have to invest several hundreds of dollars into wireless audio streaming, it may be more reasonable to get a DVD player with MP3 playback and record DVDs with audio files whenever you want to listen to music in the living room.

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