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When Enough is Enough: Hiper Unveils 830W PSU

A lot of power supply units (PSUs) manufacturers nowadays tend to create PSUs with unbelievable number of watts: if last year 1000W units were exotic, this year they were all around the show with some companies demonstrating 1100W, 1300W or even 2000W products. But are those monsters really needed by the market?

Maximum power consumption of Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB that we were able to measure is 131.5W, which means that even if someone manages to plug four of such graphics cards into one system, their total power consumption will be 526W. Microprocessors’ thermal design power does not exceed 130W, whereas a mainboard with memory installed should not consume more than 30W. Hard disk drives have power consumption of 10W – 12W, while optical drives need to have about 25W of power to work.

A system with four Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards, one high-performance processor, three hard disk drives, two optical drives and a mainboard with 4GB of memory will not consume more than 760W. So, even if a unique system with four GeForce 8 graphics cards does not consume 1000W of power, does it make any sense to create such PSUs now?

Specialists from Hiper believe that the time of 1kW power supply units has not come. According to the company, it makes much more sense to produce high-quality 700W – 800W PSUs rather than to advertise extreme units which are not really needed even by die-hard computer enthusiasts and which require robust cooling (which means they are pretty noisy).

At CeBIT 2007 Hiper unveiled its 830W power supply unit which comes with built-in USB hub as well as a “mobile phone charger socket”.  While it is disputable whether anybody needs additional USB ports and cell phone charger on PSU for a PC, a nice thing about Hiper HPU-5M830 is that it has 8-pin PCI Express connectors for next-generation graphics cards.

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