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Flexible Cooling: Thermaltake Displays Flexible Cooler for Notebooks

Cooling devices for notebooks have been around for several years now and some find them pretty useful, as modern processors along with graphics chips dissipate quite a lot of heat. Nevertheless, coolers for notebooks cannot be taken on a trip, as they are quite large and heavy, something, which makes them much less valuable for road warriors. But Thermaltake has invented a new cooling device for notebooks that is easier to carry and that does not use a lot of precious space in a bag.


The iXoft thermal pad from Thermaltake uses so-called heat shift technology which consists of phase change material (Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate, Na2SO4.10H2O) that exhibits cold and solid property when not in use then transforms into liquid form when dissipating heat away from the heat source. Upon contact with heat source, such as a computer notebook, iXoft quickly absorbs heat away from the source and accelerates thermal dissipation by distributing heat across all available surfaces on iXoft and into surrounding through natural convection.


The iXoft weighs just about 640 gramms and can be folded without any problems. While it will hardly be able to efficiently cool down a desktop replacement mobile computer with high-end central processing and graphics processing units, the iXoft should be enough for taking the heat away from mainstream notebooks.

Besides the iXoft and other cooling solutions, Thermaltake demonstrated several stylish computer cases at CeBIT 2007, emphasizing the importance of eye-catching design for computers these days.

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